How do they fight overweight Míša and Tereza Čmelinská? –

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How do they fight overweight Míša and Tereza Čmelinská? –

Source: with the consent of TV Prima


Will Terezka run out of breath on the seventh floor and will Míša’s mother ever buy it in a regular ready-to-wear store, and not just in oversized sizes? When the daughter connects with the mother, the pounds go down to both of them. In the end, they will save their lives by supporting each other with weight loss. Watch the perfect lifestyle change on Monday 25 October at 9.30 pm on Prima TV.

Misa and Teresa. Mother with daughter who have been struggling with extra pounds almost their entire lives. Tereza is a young mother who gained a lot during pregnancy, and even now her pounds don’t go down. He currently weighs 108 kilograms. It fights the craving for sweet and irregular diets. Míša is a tram driver and a sedentary job does not suit her. It currently weighs 119 kilograms, however, she confided that she weighed 131 kilos. However, they are a great support to each other and, in addition, they are supported by their grandmother, who keeps her fingers crossed for the girls and believes that their lives will change for the better after losing weight.

In addition, both ladies admit that they are sweet and pastry. And they have no idea how they can do without these goodies during weight loss.

One of the motivators is also the calculation of the metabolic age, after which both participants find that they are much older than the number on their ID card. AND no one wants an older tired body. Therefore, they throw themselves into the weight loss with great vigor.

Initial obstacles

However, not everything is easy. Misha suffers from prediabetes, so she must lose weight wisely, that means guarding your diet much more carefully than if she were healthy and just wanted to lose a few pounds. However, she is very stubborn, and once she has decided that she wants to be beautiful and enjoy life, she adheres to the nutritional plan and sports and exercise goals in detail. And the pounds go down by themselves.

Terezka is also worried about a few kilograms, Liposuction can be a solution and motivation for it. He graduates from it – and indeed. She starts to prosper again and there are no obstacles on the way to the dream destination.

Tandem weight loss

How will it all turn out in the end? Will both ladies manage to get their dream weight, does losing weight in tandem make sense, and will Terezka and Míša and finally her grandmother’s dream come true and walk along the beach promenade in a swimsuit without being ashamed of their body? Watch today.

The unique concept of docu reality is here. Ten brave participants in the transformation confide in their story. They find that behind their overweight is not only indiscipline in eating, but also emotional overeating and other factors. Those that affect everyone’s overweight.

On the way to the dream character, all participants in the Thicknesses project have to fight not only with unknown foods, a healthy diet, but also with how to establish and maintain healthy and regular exercise. In addition, he has to make order in his life. Because just chaos in life and relationships is a problematic trigger for overweight.


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