How dangerous a spring avitaminosis and how to avoid it

Чем опасен весенний авитаминоз и как его избежать

A proper diet all year round will save from lack of vitamins

In early spring the human body desperately needs vitamins and minerals, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua

After a long winter, lack of sunlight and lethargic lifestyle he needs more strength to get energized and active recovery. Alas, at this time of the year of vitamins in fruits and vegetables, which are always advised to lean with a shortage of valuable substances, very little. How to support the body and provide it with all necessary nutrients, trace elements and vitamins for teamwork, cheerfulness and good mood, ГолосUA told nutritionists.

A proper diet all year round will save from lack of vitamins

Fruits and vegetables come to our table from the shops and markets, but it is worth considering that you keep them there for a long time and often incorrectly. As soon as the rip fruit of the tree, its value begins to decline and after six months storage of vitamins and minerals, it is still very small, not to mention the fact that the manufacturers to keep their goods and not give it to lose its appetizing appearance, often resort to chemicals which are used to treat fruits and vegetables. The same make and with the overseas fruit, so they do not spoil during transportation and do not lose texture when the temperature changes, says dietician Lyudmila Babich.

Of course, the most valuable and useful fruits and vegetables are local and seasonal. But in early spring the Ukrainians have none. And therefore, and vitamins them with the fruits they consume, goes a little. This often explains the feeling of tiredness, drowsiness, exacerbation of illnesses and periodic wanton bad mood – so evident a lack of vitamins.

“With proper nutrition the body should not experience a lack of valuable nutrients and vitamins during the entire year. A number of vitamins can accumulate some elements can replace each other, but most of them are simply excreted and not saved for later. For this reason, to provide the body the vitamins you need every day without having to swallow a multivitamin complexes early spring and late autumn,” — said the expert.

Additional vitaminization at the beginning of the season will strengthen the immune system and gives energy, but himself to appoint the pills are not worth it – better to consult a doctor. Moreover, many people “write off” the deficiency of any health problems, although the cause may be totally different.

“Vitamins in its natural form is much better absorbed and better, and pharmaceutical preparations is a last resort or emergency. It is important to remember that any medication, even a multivitamin medicines have contraindications and side effects. If the doctor approved it, should strictly follow the specified instructions on the dosage or the doctor has recommended a dose and not exceed it, trying to improve the result, since “overdose” of vitamins dangerous than their lack of” — warned the doctor.

Please note on the liver

In the body, all systems are linked, and the failure of one organ may lead to changes in another. It is because in order for the vitamins and valuable substances is well absorbed and efficiently used by the body, is very important condition of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, and liver.

First of all, in the presence of some chronic illnesses with unpleasant symptoms or discomfort in the stomach, is as soon as possible to pay a visit to the doctor. It is important to remember that violations of the liver and malfunction of the digestive tract do not give nutrients to digest, but because their lack can be observed even with the most correct and rich in vitamins nutrition.

In the absence of chronic diseases you can gently help your liver to clean itself faster if in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of warm water with a few lemon wedges. And to stimulate the stomach can fiber of vegetable origin. To ensure its body, it is necessary to introduce in the daily diet of wheat, barley, and rye bran.

To cleanse the body – and this is important for the absorption of the vitamins you need every day to drink enough pure water. Not less than one and a half liters for an adult. It is desirable that the water was mineral, as it is rich in valuable trace elements and compounds – potassium, magnesium and so on.

Also recommended in the diet of green tea, which contains a range of vitamins — C, P, B2, K, PP, A, D, and E, and antioxidants that slow down the process of aging and actively participating in their recovery. This drink has brought the maximum benefit, it’s recommended to select no bags, and loose tea for brewing, and when cooking is to fill it with hot water. But not boiling water, as it kills a large number of valuable substances.

What products are needed in the spring diet

Often proper and balanced diet is enough to not worry about what product what vitamins are present, nevertheless, in the spring to know the main sources of vitamins, in addition to fresh plant foods, still stands, at least, to as often as possible to indulge yourself and your family to dishes from them.

So, to remedy the lack of vitamin A will help regular consumption of dishes of liver, vegetables and fruits red color, and root vegetables, butter. Vitamin B1 can be obtained from natural dairy products, dishes of peas and cereals.

Vitamin B2 also contain dairy products, a lot of it in meats of all varieties, organ meats, legumes, buckwheat and oatmeal.

B6 is easy to fill with regular inclusion in the diet of fish, chicken, potatoes, peppers and beans. And B12 is found in oily fish, meat and offal.

Quickly to restore the balance of vitamin C can, if you regularly drink the infusion of rose hips. In large quantities it is also found in currants, sea buckthorn, citrus, green onions, apples and sauerkraut.

Products with a high degree of processing increase the risk of death

To prevent a lack of vitamin D, it is recommended to regularly eat omelettes, cod liver, butter.

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