How can we please our loved ones? Top romantic treats from “Maadaney Mania” for February 14


When you love, do not miss the opportunity to please your loved ones, whether it's Valentine's Day or the most ordinary day! But February 14 – this is the case when you want to express your feelings most vividly, and we advise you not to miss it. That is why in all branches of “Maadaney Mania” you will find everything for a romantic treat for you and your loved ones.

Surprise your soul mate from the very morning! A beautifully decorated breakfast will create a festive mood at the beginning of the day and make your chosen one look forward to a romantic evening. At the same time, it will not be difficult to prepare a beautiful breakfast.

Take bread for sandwiches, for example, Italian Semenzato with olive oil, white or rye (14.90 nis/pc), sausage and cheese, cut even hearts out of them (you can use a special mold), and then assemble from them "heartfelt" sandwiches. The main thing is to choose a truly delicious sausage, for example, tender boiled «Childhood Taste» for 4.50 sh/100 g or “Amateur Pork” for 4.90 sh/100 g, which are now in our network at a special price. And if you prefer raw smoked meat products, then the appetizing Raw-smoked neck (Lax) is just for you, you can now buy it at a discount for 12.90 sh/100 g.< br />
Cheese can be used with or instead of sausage. For example, Dutch Gouda or Maasdam – only 4.90 sh/100g at Maadanei Mania. Or famous for its rich flavor Barber's English Aged Cheddar for 7.90 NIS/100gIf you want to try something new and unusual, pay your attention to Cheddar with cranberries or whiskey (England) for 9.90 SH/100 g.

 How can we please your loved ones? Top romantic treats from

sausages «Malyshki» for 3.30 sh/100 g – you can just cut them in half. You can also use regular size sausages, for example, «Smoked Winner»/Smoked sausages for only 2.30 nis/100g.

In the meat departments of “Maadaney Mania” you will find fresh meat and poultry for every taste and budget. Fresh pork, beef, chicken and turkey. Whatever complex or, on the contrary, simple dish you are planning to serve for a romantic dinner, our butcher will definitely help you choose the most appetizing pieces for it. Your loved one will certainly appreciate the flawless steak you have fried for him or the modest-looking, but amazing-tasting meat roast. By the way, in the branches of “Maadaney Mania” located in Ashdod, Ramat Gan and in Rishon Lezion on the street. Herzel 91 now has a 20% discount on the entire meat department.

 How can we please your loved ones? Top romantic treats from

Does your loved one love seafood? Here you will find a selection of seafood at a discount.

Among them there are also ready-made dishes that need only be thermally processed according to the specified instructions. For example, crispy Tempura Shrimp with – at a discount, they will cost you 34.90 sh for 424 g (instead of 44.90 sh). Just fry them in deep oil and serve with the accompanying sauce, which will perfectly emphasize their delicate taste. Or try Popcorn Shrimps breaded for 44.90 nis/500g. They are so delicious that it is simply impossible to stop.

A memorable romantic treat for your loved one can be shrimp risotto. To prepare it, you will need patience, at least minimal culinary skill and suitable rather large shrimp, for example, such as Peeled shrimp – 26/30 for 89.90 sh/1 kg or 41/50 for 34.90 sh/500 gr.< /strong>

Do you want to surprise and delight your chosen one with real homemade khachapuri? You can cook it yourself using a real Georgian cheese bought at Maadanei Mania at a discount for only 4.90 NIS/100g (instead of 5.40 NIS/100g). Or you can buy a ready-made Khachapuri “From Totoshka” for 24.90 NIS/420 g. Your choice – with cheese, with cheese and spinach, with cheese, garlic and mint. Choose the most delicious!

 How can we please your loved ones? Top romantic treats from

Cream 42% for 2.90 sh/100 g.

 Mania» for February 14

As for drinks, we invite you to try something special on this day, such as French sparkling liqueur Nuvo 99.90 sh/700 ml. It is a blend of premium French vodka and sparkling wine, complemented by delicate fruit flavors. It has an attractive pink color, fruity aroma and 15% abv.

Also check out the Italian wine Cielo e Terra, Bio Bio Merlot (36.90 sh/750 ml). It's organic the wine intrigues with a soft, balanced taste with a silky texture, fruity-balsamic nuances and fine tannins in a harmonious aftertaste. And for white wine lovers, organic semi-dry Chardonnay.

Connoisseurs of good wines will certainly appreciate the Chablis presented to them as a gift. This type of wine does not need recommendations – its refined taste is known to gourmets not only in France, but also far beyond. Shablis Christophe Patrice can be purchased from us today at a discount – for 79.90 SH/750 ml.

Our regular customers have long noted how delicious Babuni berry tinctures, which are now available in our stores at a discount for 29.90 SH/750 ml. If you are not familiar with this drink, be sure to try it. We think its bright berry flavor is perfect for a festive evening.

 How can we please your loved ones? Top romantic treats from

On Valentine's Day, it is customary to give gifts to your loved ones, but sometimes you want to please those who are simply cute to you: friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Here you will find a variety of sweets that will help you express your sympathy to them.

Sorini Valentine sweets, in a heart-shaped box for 24.90 sh/120 gr, Eclairs or Profiteroles Eat me with cream for 9.90 sh, airy dessert Bonjour Konti for 14.90 sh/2 packs and other delicious gifts.

If you are invited to visit this day, do not forget to take a cake with you. The hosts will surely be delighted with Kiev cake from Roshen 44.90 sh/450 gror cake bakery Bron: «Lambada» or “Waltz”, you can now buy from us at a discount for 64.90 sh/piece.

“Maadaney Mania” wishes everyone to have an unforgettable, romantically delicious Valentine's Day!

We are always there when you want to surprise and please your loved ones with your favorite food and drinks or just buy something delicious – on a festive or ordinary day.< br />
*Sausage prices are subject to the purchase of a whole piece without cutting.
Discounts are valid from 01/26/22 until 03/01/22 or until stocks last, and according to the assortment of each branch. Errors are possible. Prices shown in Maadanei Mania stores are final.

*Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health.

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