How and how much to eat after the diet: basic rules

Как и сколько есть после диеты: основные правила

It often happens that after exhausting diets we returning to their previous weight, and even recruited more

A strict diet give good results, but unfortunately to keep the weight on tedious level after their completion very difficult.

“Very often, after a diet, especially a strict, the weight starts to return to the original indicators. To avoid this it is very difficult, and of course, I do not suggest after the diet to eat only low-calorie food and vegetables, because food is a huge pleasure and you don’t have to constantly deny it. The main thing to remember is that loss do not overeat. The so-called “plate rule” — should be your commandment.

Как и сколько есть после диеты: основные правила

Its essence — eat what you want, but from the same plate (with a diameter of 22-25 cm). Moreover, mentally divide it into three unequal parts: exactly pontarelli is vegetables or fruits, greens, a quarter protein foods (preferably boiled, stewed or grilled), and the remaining quarter with complex carbohydrates, i.e., cereals etc,” says the doctor.

Как и сколько есть после диеты: основные правила

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Adhering to this simple rule, you will not only recover, but improve your health. In addition, you can support your body supplements of pectin and natural fiber! But in any case do not buy all this tablets, a natural powdered additives in food – they are cheaper and will not cause harm.

How fast we lose weight depends on the speed of our metabolism. And while hungry diets it is very reduced. To “accelerate” your metabolism, first, not to skip Breakfast, and secondly during the day you should drink plenty of water, preferably the simplest mineral without gas.

Abstain from alcohol, special strong, it interferes with the absorption of nutrients, fueling the appetite, also very rich in calories. The only thing – red wine.

Permanently get rid of the habit to eat in front of TV or computer.

Do not starve yourself, it is absolutely meaningless. First, you will undermine your health, secondly, slow metabolism, and in others still it will get “their” norm products, but a triple portion of food eaten at a time to affect the figure much worse.

Как и сколько есть после диеты: основные правила

And of course don’t forget the sports activities. There is no option to go to the gym, is run in the mornings, can’t – exercise.

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