How alcohol affects the ability to become a father

Alcohol consumption by men has a negative impact on the quality of sperm, affect fertility and can cause health problems in newborns, according to a meta-analysis by Australian scientists from the University of Queensland.

The both biomedical doctors cite a recent study of his countrymen, which stated that the consumption of alcohol negatively affects all levels of the male reproductive system. Experiments on animals showed that the introduction of a dose of ethanol in the stomach causes damage to the testicles, damage the cells necessary for the formation of sperm.

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In turn, the study by Italian scientists has revealed a serious decline in sperm quality in male rats after administration of alcohol for ten weeks. According to them, concentration of sperm decreased, and the sperm were moving properly, in addition, none of the animals exposed to alcohol, no fertilized females, despite the confirmation of successful pairing.

Danish scientists, the object of the study which were a thousand young people showed a reduction in sperm quality when consuming alcoholic beverages five or more times a week. In addition, women whose partners have applied to the bottle ten or more times per week prior to conception is up to five times more likely to have miscarriages.

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American scientists, in turn, proved that offspring conceived during alcohol consumption, is characterized by a light weight, as well as reduced activity and ability to learn.

The authors hope to raise awareness among the male population of their responsibility in a successful pregnancy, childbirth and newborn health.

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