How a beginner blogger can start making money on YouTube Shorts

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 How a beginner blogger can start making money on YouTube Shorts

Shorts — one of the popular sections of YouTube. YouTube Shorts — vertical videos up to 60 seconds long, designed for viewing from smartphones. The service became available in 2020, but in this short time it has managed to achieve incredible popularity among users.

After conducting an analysis in early 2022, Google provided information that YouTube Shorts receives 30 billion views per week. Back in 2021, YouTube created a $100 million fund for the most successful creators, which is still active today. Every month, creators of popular videos can receive from $100 to $10,000 from this fund. The amount of remuneration depends on the region of viewers, the number of video views and other indicators of audience involvement. Any blogger can receive a reward and become popular in YouTube Shorts, regardless of how many videos they have published in this section.
At the moment, there is another way to earn income from YouTube Shorts — direct cooperation with advertisers. The more popular an author is, the more attention he/she attracts from advertisers, which means more income.
For novice authors, YouTube Shorts is a great opportunity to try their hand and take their place on one of the largest video hosting sites in the world. In this article, you will learn about the features of short videos on YouTube and the intricacies of promoting Shorts videos.

 How a beginner blogger can start making money with YouTube Shorts

Why YouTube Shorts are better than regular YouTube videos

Youtube had the opportunity to shoot short videos before, but such videos were poorly ranked. Today's YouTube Shorts are:
1. Good coverage. Users can see short videos on the main YouTube page, on the author's channel and in the Shorts section. In addition, you can attract the target audience to watch the video from other sources — social networks, thematic sites. 2. The ability to make the video viral, get millions of views and financial rewards. Just 1 video can bring you $10,000 a month if it gets the maximum number of views and likes. 3. Good income. You can make a profit from the video by applying for participation in the prize fund or from direct cooperation with advertisers.
YouTube Shorts is also different in its approach to video design. If ordinary videos need to be shot and then edited for hours, then everything is much easier with YouTube Shorts. You can edit the video and publish it to YouTube Shorts immediately after shooting, which saves a lot of time and effort.
If ordinary videos on YouTube are interconnected and affect each other's promotion, then short videos exist separately from each other. That is, if you have published a short video that has collected the maximum number of views and likes, then the video hosting system will pay you a financial reward regardless of how many reactions other videos on your channel received.
By making quality content and receiving feedback from audience, you can always earn income from the YouTube fund and additionally attract advertisers who will generously pay for advertising.
What you need to work in YouTube Shorts

 How a beginner blogger can start making money with YouTube Shorts

To shoot videos for YouTube Shorts, you do not need to create a separate channel. Short videos can be posted on the main channel, but with the hashtag #Shorts. This way they get into the shorts recommended in the Shorts section.
In addition, to create content for YouTube Shorts, you should follow the following recommendations:
x make sure that the duration of the video does not exceed 60 seconds; x the title of the video should not exceed 100 characters; x video must be in 9×16 format; x devoting time to editing, processing the video and adjusting the music will make the video more interesting for the audience.
At the same time, the subject of the video and the format of its presentation do not matter. All authors who have published their videos within the last 180 days can take part in the YouTube prize fund. Of course, publishing 1 video in 6 months and waiting for a huge success is not worth it. To get views and attract the attention of the algorithm, you need to make high-quality and interesting content more often. In addition, do not forget about its promotion. It’s good if the audience noticed the video and it received a significant number of views. But, every minute a new video is published in YouTube Shorts, which pushes all the previous ones. In such a short period of time, getting a lot of views, likes and other reactions will be difficult. Promotion of YouTube Shorts will allow you to get the right number of views and likes, stay in the recommended longer, receive financial rewards from YouTube and the interest of potential advertisers.
How to promote videos in YouTube Shorts

The main indicators that affect the promotion of videos in YouTube Shorts are views and likes. You can get them in the same ways as when promoting regular videos, namely: • attract an audience from external sources; x promote videos inside video hosting.
Leaving a link to a video in social networks, thematic groups and special sites, you can attract external traffic to the video.
Placing a link to a short video under the videos of other authors, ordering advertising from famous bloggers on YouTube or using the official video hosting advertising, you can increase internal traffic.
Boosting YouTube Shorts is also one of the most effective ways to promote. Separately, we should mention freelance exchanges and SMM services, where you can order the required number of views and likes. Views and likes received in this way will be external traffic, but will guarantee you get the right reactions with a minimum investment of time. For example, on the SMM Gang website, you can order up to 100,000 views per day. At the same time, you get views and likes from real people. You can order viewings on the SMM Gang website for several videos at the same time. The order is taken into work immediately and completed in full.

 How a novice blogger should start make money on YouTube Shorts

Promotion of YouTube Shorts not only helps to generate income from short videos, but also provides an opportunity to attract a new target audience to the channel, increase views on other videos, and get more traffic to the main site.
Promoting videos in YouTube Shorts is profitable. Even novice bloggers will be able to get a good result from working with the platform.

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