Houseplants remove toxins from the air

Комнатные растения выводят токсины с воздуха

Plants — a source of oxygen and fresh air, so they should be in every home

Decorating their homes, buying furniture and décor items, we usually don’t think about the fact that the air quality in our home can change not for the better.

Will help in the struggle for air quality in our green room favorites. Many plants are able to purify the air at home, gathering dust, smoke and other particles and heavy compounds hazardous to health.

Here are the 6 best plants you should have in your home:

Комнатные растения выводят токсины с воздуха

Aloe Vera — this plant is great for enhancing the level of oxygen in your home. The plant also absorbs carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide formaldehyde. Aloe can achieve the same thing nine biologicalchemical air.

Комнатные растения выводят токсины с воздуха

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Ficus — this plant is unpretentious, because she doesn’t need a lot of light. Ficus efficient when it comes to air purification. But be careful if you have small children or Pets, because the leaves can be poisonous.

Ivy (Hedera Helix) is every person should definitely have this plant at home. It removes 60% of toxins from the air within six hours.

Chlorophytum is a plant has the ability to perform photosynthesis under minimal lighting. It absorbs toxins from the air, such as formaldehyde, styrene and carbon monoxide, and gasoline. One plant effectively purifies air in a 200 square meters of space.

Sansevieria — this plant is practically indestructible, and great for her at home. It is very stable and requires very little light for photosynthesis. In addition, removes toxins and is great for bedrooms, as it produces oxygen at night.

Комнатные растения выводят токсины с воздуха

Spathiphyllum is excellent for removing chemical toxins from the air. This plant filters formaldehyde from the air, and trichloroethylene.

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