“House of rapper Morgenstern” in Moscow is being sold for 80 million rubles

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 "Morgenstern's rapper house" in Moscow is being sold for 80 million rubles

A mansion is put up for sale in New Moscow, which is called the house of Alisher Morgenstern. The benchmark rented it for 250,000 rubles before leaving for the Emirates.

The cost of the house is 80 million rubles. Experts say that the price of the cottage, somewhat shabby by the tenant, is too high, and its real value is about 50 million rubles.

The cottage is 12 years old, it was built by a certain businesswoman who was engaged in engineering communications.
< br /> The house is made in high-tech style, Scandinavian minimalism. Garage for two cars, panoramic windows, a couple of terraces, a 20-meter swimming pool and a plot of 13 acres.

On the ground floor there is a kitchen-hall, a recording studio (at first it was not in the house, the rapper's team built agreement with the owner), a gym and a spacious sauna with a cedar barrel.

There are three bedrooms on the second floor: two guest rooms – compact rooms, and a master bedroom – the master bedroom. There is a large wardrobe and a bathroom, which for some reason is not separated from the room by a door.

Alisher Morgenstern was recognized as an individual foreign agent in May 2022. The reason was political publications in the telegram channel of the artist and videos on YouTube, for which he allegedly received more than 29 million rubles from an Israeli company. Six months earlier, the head of the RF IC, Alexander Bastrykin, said that the rapper was selling drugs on social networks. And although this story did not develop, the artist prudently flew to Dubai.

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