Hottest Russian woman has compared his ass with Putin: powerful words

Самая горячая россиянка сравнила свою пятую точку с Путиным: мощные слова

Russian TV and radio presenter Anfisa Chekhova on the official page in Instagram posted a new photo to underwear, as well as verse, which is dedicated to the buttocks

Thus, in the center of the image – the fifth point of the celebrity, reports Clutch.

“When you strain your talent or brain
Is not visible the slightest subscriber growth.
But I back to his to turn,
The huskies, like manna from heaven flowing.

Самая горячая россиянка сравнила свою пятую точку с Путиным: мощные слова
What to me is the talent, what the hell?
Me promoting my Ass!

Massage cellulite and priced dashing,
Useful theatres and libraries.
Soul to evolve, to grow head?
Thank you, I do Ass the twerk!

And I’m glad most of my family.
Feeds them from the belly my Ass!

The other day I had a Kim Kardashian,
“Keep our Asses – said the Lord.”
He added: “you Know, my friend,
In women the main Juicy flesh!”

I know, Kimmy, was not in vain!
There is no better investment than my Ass!

When I die, bury me,
And the monument will stand on Tverskaya
Beautiful round Ass of mine.
The whole world will admire our Country!

And a “Putin”, “vodka” will add Europe.
Beautiful Russian word “Ass”.

On the eve of the thinner Anfisa Chekhov showed naked Breasts. Russian TV presenter, singer and actress is on vacation in the Maldives and regularly pleases its fans with new photos from the vacation.

Latest pictures, which the star published in Instagram and Facebook, all made a splash on them, she lit the chest. On photo Chekhov posing Topless. Wearing only a pale pink, floor-length skirt and beige sandals. “Paradise (Paradise — approx. ed.)”, — Anfisa has signed a series of images.

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Fans of celebrity very ambiguously reacted to the publication. Some admired her forms and “pelted” with compliments, while others considered these photos are too intimate to share with a wider audience.

Самая горячая россиянка сравнила свою пятую точку с Путиным: мощные слова

Here’s what users wrote in comments: “Anfisa, tell me, what’s the point of these photos?!”, “Yeah, C’mon from naked)”, “Oh, well, now you can’t handle, let me see beauty!”, “Yeah! There is something to see!”

Recall that Anfisa Chekhova sleeps and bathes with the grown son seems to have pissed off the network

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