Hotma Threatens to Police Hotman Paris and the Panel of Judges Peradi

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Hotma Threatens to Police Hotman Paris and the Panel of Judges Peradi

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Lawyer Hotma Sitompul do not accept the decision of the DKI Jakarta Peradi Honorary Council which rejects the alleged violation of the advocate’s code of ethics Hotman Paris Hutapea. In the aftermath of the refusal, Hotma will report Hotman Paris and the panel of judges Peradi to the police.

“Then we will also develop. We will also report later our friends here will explain this assembly to the police. Let everyone know with some people who disseminate it,” Hotma threatened during a press conference in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta, Monday ( 4/10).

Hotma also confirmed that his party would file an appeal and would report to the Chairman of Peradi Otto Hasibuan.

“I said yes, we will appeal, I will appeal. There is a way for each of us, but I will also report him, this assembly, to the chairman of the DPR Peradi whom I honorably call Prof. dr. Otto Hasibuan. This can be imposed with sanctions or penalties or at least the assembly should not be used again, which humiliates the dignity of this advocate and the Peradi organization,” said Hotma.

He then again mentioned Hotman Paris who dragged Desiree Tarigan and also Bams ex Samsons in this matter.

“How in the code of ethics trial, HPH did not propose an expert on the code of ethics. Who was proposed? My wife is the principal with my stepdaughter. And left by the chairman of the assembly and assembly,” said Hotma Sitompul

“Repeatedly we said, ‘No! It’s a matter of code of conduct. What do these two people know about ethics?’ Left with the chairman. Come out all unnecessary things in the trial. What’s with this chairman?” beber Hotma.

Furthermore, Hotma also opened a hot photo of Hotman Paris with a woman which was used as evidence of an alleged violation of the code of ethics.

Hotman Paris accuses Hotma of not wanting to accept defeat

Hotman Paris knows the hot photo that was opened by Hotma Sitompul. Hotman laughed sarcastically because the photo had nothing to do with the lawyer’s code of ethics. The photo was recognized by Hotman Paris from a video he had uploaded on his social media page. It was a video recorded in one of the beach club in Bali.

Hotman denied hugging the woman. In fact, the photo was made from a video screenshot when he was dancing and when a position like hugging was taken in that part.

“I laughed cynically (when I saw the photo was shown as evidence of a violation of the code of ethics),” said Hotman Paris to

“This person has gone crazy until the photo was manipulated. If you have lost, why don’t you just lose?” he continued.

Hotman Paris emphasized that he did not care about what Hotma Sitompul said. He even mentioned the way Hotma Sitompul complained to Peradi.

“If the photo is true, there have been many photos of me, hugging, except in the bedroom, sleeping with a girl. That’s not a photo of a hug, I’m dancing a lot in the water. If you dance, sometimes you get close, hold your hand, hold your waist , when a position similar to a hug was screenshotted with him to slander me,” said Hotman.

Hotman then claimed to have never used his past personal problems for a code of ethics.

“There is a child who has grown up claiming that his child wants to be recognized, which I have used as a violation of the code of ethics. Second, his second wife is divorced again, where have I ever used a violation of the code of ethics. Even though I know exactly why I got divorced, but I don’t want to open it,” he explained. Hotman.

“The third, (the problem with) Desi. Try someone who has been on social media too often talking about the Bible having been married 3 times, even though in the Bible it says, ‘What God has joined together, humans should not separate. Only death separates.’ ‘ That’s indeed a Bible lesson. I don’t use the excuse of his past because it has nothing to do with the code of ethics,” said Hotman.

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