Hospitals in the north are 150% busy

North hospitals are 150% loaded

The Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya and Rambam in Haifa report 150% occupancy rates. And it's not even about Omicron, but about the seasonal incidence of influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia. The main patients are elderly people. And at the moment there are no patients with the Omicron strain.

Doctors explain how the coronavirus differs from the flu.

& ldquo; These patients with very similar symptoms, but the vast majority are improving in for a day or two. On the other hand, the condition of patients with coronavirus is deteriorating significantly. ”

Professor Brown of Rambam Hospital also notes:“ The pediatric wards are now full because of winter respiratory illness, not because of the coronavirus. But we are ready for anything. ” This is why the vaccine is so important.
Vaccinate your parents and kids, this vaccine is safe. ”

“ Omicron appears to be a little weaker than Delta, but it’s still a dangerous virus ”. .

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