Hospitals are nearing capacity

 Hospitals are reaching their limits

As the number of severe cases of COVID is on the rise in Israel, hospitals are facing a huge strain. This is reported by The Times of Israel.

According to Arutz Sheva, the general director of the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, Professor Masad Barkhum, instructed to open a fourth department for patients with coronavirus on the site of another department.

“The combination of high levels of coronavirus and winter infections has pushed us to the limit,” said Professor Masad Barhum.

At the same time, Kaplan Medical Center was forced close the emergency room for a few hours because the hospital was overcrowded. Some patients are being transferred to other hospitals due to overcrowding.

In general, Israeli hospitals are under enormous pressure due to limited beds and staff shortages. According to the latest data, about 10,000 medical workers across the country are not working due to the fact that they have COVID, or they are in quarantine for other reasons.

Earlier, the expert said that in Israel there are still the peak in the number of seriously ill patients has not been reached, and hospitals are already on the verge of collapse and cannot provide the proper quality of service.

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