Hospital directors: we can handle

Hospital directors: we can handle it

Hospital directors reassured the Israelis, assuring that the healthcare system would cope with the influx of coronavirus infected.

According to Israel Hayom, they noted that they would help in this situation for two years of knowledge about the coronavirus.

According to Arutz Sheva, there are, however, a number of issues of concern, such as a possible shortage of beds in intensive care units and an exhausted medical staff.
< br /> “I have heard of predictions of fifty thousand new cases every day. I do not think that we will achieve such indicators. However, if we quarantine everyone, the country will not be able to function. We have prepared to be able to conduct a large number of tests for hospital staff. If many of them are successful, it will make our job much more difficult. But now, at the beginning of the wave, we are doing well '', & ndash; noted Dr. Yaaron Muscat, director of the Meir hospital.

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