Horrors in a Tel Aviv supermarket: “He lay down on me and beat me all over my body”

News » Incidents Tel Aviv supermarket horror: 'he lay down on me and hit me all over my body'

Last week, there was a violent incident in a supermarket on Israel Guri Street in Tel Aviv a fight.

It all started when Sh., a resident of the city, went inside, took food and stood in line at the cashier to pay. At some point, a customer came up and asked him to let her through so that she could leave faster. Sh. agreed to her request, but did not understand that it would cost him dearly.

A., a 50-year-old resident of Jaffa, did not like that Sh. allowed the customer to bypass the line, and he came into conflict with him. “He was very nervous and began to argue and speak in a threatening manner,” Sh. repeated in his testimony at the police station.

Sh moved to the second box office in an attempt to avoid a confrontation, but A followed him and attacked him. “He came up to me, grabbed my shirt with force and slapped me,” Sh said. However, the violence inside A's store was not enough, and he followed Sh and attacked him in the middle of the street. “He lay on top of me and beat me in all parts of the body,” asserted Sh.

A., who noticed passers-by who had arrived at the scene and, fearing that the police would arrest him, ran away. The police arrived at the scene, reviewed the CCTV footage, collected statements from Sh. and other people, and after a short time arrested A., and he was taken to the police station for questioning with a warning. In the course of the police investigation, A. claimed that he recognized himself from the surveillance videos that recorded the events, but denied that he attacked Sh. “I was completely drunk. I really don't remember what happened in those moments,” he argued in his defense.

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