Horowitz: “You don't have to bully people”

Horowitz: & ldquo; Don't bully people & rdquo;

After the Prime Minister announced yesterday that the increase in incidence could lead to 50,000 a day, Nitzan Horowitz, Israel's Minister of Health, made a sharp attack on the Prime Minister: “ There is no point in terrorizing people like that! Such intimidation does nothing but harm and disturbance. Perhaps more people will be in charge and do the tests at home. There is no need to start talking about preventive quarantines on Saturdays. We are already well prepared for the new situation, and everything is under control. “

” Every day we adjust the instructions in connection with the updated data. Yes, we are constantly at risk. But if we do not do this, then we can undermine health, the economy or destroy democracy. ” even if it does, we already know that vaccinated people are better protected from the virus.

It's worth noting that Bennett's projection was in line with other projections recently presented to high-ranking officials and ministers of health, such as from the Gartner and Technion Institute. In the midst of the wave, almost all citizens will be infected, according to an estimate made yesterday during discussions between Horowitz and hospital directors, and as a result, the number of severe patients will reach 2,750 in the worst case.

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