Horowitz: we are on the verge of mass infection

Horowitz: we are on the cusp of mass infection

Israeli Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz spoke at a cabinet meeting.

Horowitz warned: “We are on the cusp of mass infection.” < br />
A senior source in the Ministry of Health said that in conditions of very high rates of infection, restrictive measures, including restrictions on crowds, are meaningless.

A representative of the Ministry of Health said: & ldquo; Question in what the introduction of restrictions will give. If we are not talking about a hard lockdown, there will be no dramatic changes. The contamination rate for the omicron is expected to be 2-3. We can lower the coefficient from 1.3 to 1.1 today or from 2.5 to 2.3 tomorrow – but what will it really give in conditions of mass infection? & Rdquo;

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