Horoscope for March 19: Day of debt relief in every sense of the word

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Sunday, March 19th. The waning Moon in Aquarius calls to get rid of debts in every sense of the word "duty".

Freedom as a goal becomes a symbol of the day and the entire spring period – look for your freedom, be prepared for losses, because you have already got used to some burdens of the soul and even partly fell in love with them.

It can be extremely difficult to throw rubbish out of life, to refuse to communicate with people who are pulling you down. But it's a necessary development step and definitely worth going through.

Horoscope for March 19: Debt Release Day in every sense of the word

ARIES (March 21 & ndash; April 20)

It will be difficult for many representatives of the sign to get out of their cocoon, but this is the main task for the near future. The best way to find inner harmony and how to agree with the world on a benevolent neighborhood will be a rapprochement with nature. Spend time in a picturesque corner, if you are ready, go on a solo hike, but do not forget about your own safety. Contemplate, breathe fresh air, leave the urban style at home and spend time by the fire in an old warm sweater. Feel the beauty of the river, the wind, the thawed crowns and the first rays of the sun.

Cosmic tip: today you – child of flowers, spend the day alone with nature.

 March 19 Horoscope: Debt Free Day in every sense of the word

TAURUS (April 21 & May 21)

It's okay – not to have all the answers, not to have a road map of your destiny and not to know the exact direction in which you are moving. Things outside of your control are present in your life, they must be accepted, it is useless to resist them. Now is the time for spontaneity and surprises. The best thing you can do for yourself – to take step by step, any experience to be accepted with gratitude. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, the stars advise making amends where necessary. Admit the mistake and start the conversation first. The good that you give to the world will return a hundredfold.

Cosmic tip: Kindness and compassion will certainly be reciprocated.

 March 19 Horoscope: Debt Free Day in every sense of the word

GEMINI (May 22 & June 21)

If you've been thinking about getting a little rowdy, but finding plenty of reasons to be serious and mature, it's time. It's time to let your hair down and dance. Laugh to tears and do crazy things. Do whatever your rebellious heart asks for! Now you become the main character of the play, you have been appointed to this role, an incredible performance is expected from you. Spectators are hiding, don't let them down! Implement your ideas, prove yourself right, flirt with pretty people, be honest about your feelings. It's time to reset your inhibitions to zero and allow yourself to redefine what fun looks and feels like.

Cosmic tip: time to shine on the stage of life – your way out!

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Your communication feels light and fluid. Sometimes in a conversation with a new person, it seems to you that you have known each other for many years. You feel a connection to the universe that transcends the barriers of space and time. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey! The last step you need to take is the hardest one. We must become vulnerable by opening up to the whole world. Listen to your heart, change your life as much as it requires – from the wardrobe to the country of residence. Receive and give love. It's magic!

Cosmic tip: Bring more joy and beauty into the world by opening the heart of love.

LION (July 23 – August 23)

This spring you are returning to yourself. Learn again to trust your own intuition, to believe in your own strength, to set boundaries where necessary. Learn to protect yourself and please, take care of your soul and body, put up with the dark sides. You are beautiful in your uniqueness, but you seem to have forgotten about it. Believe that abundance – this is your true nature, and that all the necessary resources will be provided by the Universe at the right time. There is a long road ahead, full of discoveries. And you're ready!

Cosmic tip: find your way back – difficult task. Don't give up.

 Horoscope for March 19: Debt Free Day in every sense of the word

VIRGO (August 24 & September 23)

Now only you do not allow yourself to achieve your goal. From the outside, it seems that at every step fate sets a trap and forcibly moves you away from your dream. But it's all about your own internal limitations, old wounds that hinder movement, destructive patterns of behavior. You will have a hard battle with beliefs ingrained in your heart that have not served your true good and purpose for a long time. Don't be afraid to ask a mentor for help to understand yourself. Changes are needed, arm yourself with a bigger hammer and go ahead – break down walls!

Cosmic tip: break down the barriers between you and the life you desire.

 March 19 Horoscope: Debt Free Day in every sense of the word

LIBRA (September 24 & October 23)

Today, the stars are asking you to think about ways to free yourself from the memories that weigh on your heart. Painful experience must be left in the past, because it can cut the path to a better future. Forget this load somewhere, imagining that it happened by accident. Turn on your fantasy and imagine that nothing happened. Watch out for what is not serving your highest and greatest good. At the same time, be gentle with yourself. Practice forgiveness. You did what you thought was best at the time, and that's enough.

Cosmic tip: Gain strength and get rid of everything that stands in the way of your progress.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

Sometimes you have to take a risk. Even if everyone around is against your decision. And now is just such a moment. You must say “yes” more often than “no”. You must give yourself permission to be bold and independent from outside opinion. Start your day by thinking about the impossible. Think of inaccessible things as a challenge, because you can do everything. Yes, and one more thing! Let go of the idea of ​​perfection, the desire to impress. The more authentic and open you are during this time, the brighter you will be able to shine!

Cosmic tip: it's time not just to believe in the impossible, but to create miracles yourself.

 Horoscope for March 19: Debt Release Day in every sense of the word

SAgittarius (November 23 & ndash; December 21)Cosmic tip: Enlist the support of like-minded people and take action.

CAPRICORN (December 22 & January 19)

Whatever happens between the two of you, know that the love you share is eternal. However, if you feel that there is no more development in this relationship, and it's time to let go, do not delay. You can’t deceive the heart, it’s dangerous to stay in an extinct union – you are wasting time when you can still go your own way without causing great pain. Letting go is an important part of the evolutionary process. On the other hand, this is a great time to sit by yourself and think about what the word “goal” means to you. and how you can serve your mission.

Cosmic tip: If you feel the urge to let go of something or someone, don't ignore it.

AQUARIUS (January 20 & February 19)

This week you are redefining beauty standards, working your ass off at the gym, and refining your body and spirit. Just remember to honor the commitments you have made. Put some play into your daily routine, don't be too serious. Solve incoming tasks with a smile, and this will give energy. You can create your own inspiration. This is a great time to learn new things, sign up for a workshop, or level up your existing skills. You can do anything, it just takes the right attitude.

Cosmic tip: You are natural born fighters and winners, remember that often.

PISCES (Feb 20 – March 20)

You've had unusual dreams, you've seen signs in real life, Pisces, and they all urged you to move in a certain direction . Today, the stars are asking you to pay attention to these subconscious signals and think about a new path, not allowing your logical mind to interfere with this mysterious process. There is something beautiful that wants to be born through you. By entering the space of allowing, you will become a conduit of divine forces that will bring more joy, beauty and magic to this world.

Cosmic tip: never, under any circumstances, refuse dreams.

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