Horoscope for March 13: Travel Day – for work, for the sake of relaxation and impressions

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Monday, March 13. The waning Moon in Scorpio promises a favorable period for travel – for work, recreation and new experiences. Moving to a new place of residence will also be successful, but it is better to choose land transport for any movement.

In business today, you can take risks, but not thoughtlessly. It is important to be prepared for any outcome of the transaction and have the so-called plan B in reserve. You should keep your emotions in check, in some kind of savings mode. If you are unsure of yourself, avoid situations that can provoke outbursts of emotions.

ARIES (March 21 & April 20)

Today the stars are urging you to pay attention to the power of collaboration and co-creation. To the magic of synchronization with those who share your vision and want to bring about a dynamic shift in the collective consciousness. You know your tribe, your people, your like-minded people. People you trust like yourself. Bring them together and a new common project will bring many happy moments. The Universe is also calling you to return to your studies, improve old skills or learn new ones. If it helps you level up, by all means, take action!

Space Council: remember the power of collaboration and co-creation.


TAURUS (April 21 & May 21)

According to the immortal words of the sage Jalaluddin Rumi, light enters us through wounds. You will fully feel the truth of his statement as you delve deeper into your journey of self-healing. So, without evaluating what is happening and without trying to put labels on it, observe the thoughts, feelings and emotions that appear in the process of reflection. Your inner light will help turn old wounds into wisdom. Your inner light will help you rise from the ashes and awaken the best version of yourself. Do not let despair win, and the long-awaited spring will come to your soul.

Cosmic tip: you have a great power of self-healing, remember it in the darkest times.


GEMINI (May 22 & June 21)

It doesn't matter what people say about you Gemini. It doesn't matter if they like your looks, your voice, if they appreciate your honesty, if they see potential in you and if they want to become your lovers. Haters will always hate, and your soul tribe – warm and support in any situation. The best thing you can do for yourself right now (besides not beating yourself up), – it's about not letting other people's opinions affect your perception of yourself. You must be reckoned with. And point. And the first person to believe it – you yourself. Stand your ground if you are confident, ignoring attempts to lead you astray.

Cosmic advice: no one has the right to devalue you, make the offenders reckon with you.< br />
CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Spiritual teacher and self-help author Eckhart Tolle once said, “Relationships are there to make me conscious, not happy.” This is something you should consider as you free yourself and your loved one from the burden of unrealistic expectations. If at the moment you feel uncomfortable, think about the reasons for this condition, find these reasons – and you can fix the situation. Work on ways to bring more light into your communication with others and your lover. This is the path to wholeness, Cancer.

Cosmic advice: Free yourself and your partner from the burden of unrealistic expectations.

 Horoscope for March 13: Day of travel – for work, recreation and impressions

LION (July 23 – August 23)

Fear of the unknown and faith in the best are not mutually exclusive. They find a way to coexist – day after day, month after month. This knowledge leads to the main question – what will you choose? Now you are in the mood and power to kill your inner demons, restore strength and manifest in this large and complex world as the best version of yourself. Unshakable faith in yourself will help move mountains. These are such banal truths that listening to such advice is tiring, right? But these are the ones that are important to take on board now.

Cosmic advice: always choose faith in yourself, not fear.

 Horoscope for March 13: Day of travel – for work, recreation and impressions

< strong>VIRGO (August 24 & September 23)

This is a magical time for you, Virgo. The Universe is offering you a chance to change reality, to say goodbye to the image of a yearning soul. And become part of one big healing feeling. First of all, mutual. To experience such an intoxicating relationship, no big words, confessions are needed, since all this – artificial and fake. Repetition. This feeling needs to be desired. And for that, you have to be vulnerable. At any given moment, you have two options: let your fears take over or dive into the ocean of love. Make time for everyone who reminds you that the – it's not a place, it's a feeling.

Space Tip: Love is the answer to all your questions. Don't hide your feelings.

LIBRA (24 September & ndash; 23 October)

You'd rather avoid this conflict altogether. But the truth is that people around you will not understand your feelings and emotions until you state your position. So, finally open your mouth and say important words. Deciding on this is sometimes difficult, but necessary. Learn to express your feelings with words – your top priority. In business, the stars call for humility: if you see that it doesn’t work out despite all your efforts, let it go for now. Nothing is more important than your mental and emotional well-being right now.

Cosmic tip: Learn to put your feelings into words.


SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

We tend to glorify change endlessly. We always talk about the need to find a place for them in the history of our lives. But what happens when the opportunity finally arises to change? Do we move forward with grace and poise, or do we let fear keep us trapped? Something to think about over your morning coffee. The Universe reminds Scorpios today that when you face the so-called dark parts of your psyche, you will find your way out of the labyrinth of old patterns.

Cosmic tip: it's time to work on the darkest corners of your soul.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 & December 21)

You are afraid, but that's okay. Do not be ashamed of your fear, because it is justified. You have already walked this path many times, and each time the decisive step left scars on the soul. Do yourself a favor and challenge your own past. Let go of the old story – the only way to write a new one. The good news is that your ancestors and spirit guides have made you strong and you will certainly be able to defeat your demons this time as well. Think of your tribe and be inspired by their heritage. This power – and yours too.

Cosmic tip: there is support nearby to destroy your demons.

 Horoscope for March 13: Day of travel – for work, leisure and impressions

CAPRICORN (22 December – January 19)

Your lust for life is insatiable, Capricorn. Today you want to throw caution to the wind and say “yes” everything the universe has to offer. The stars ask you to remember that you did not come into this world to live with regrets. Look only ahead, and this will be the best support for your passion for vivid impressions. Don't look back, and there will be room in your heart for something new and beautiful. For single representatives of the sign, a stormy romance is possible. But is there more to this adventure than meets the eye? For now, it's best to let go of any expectations and settle into the present moment.

Cosmic tip: choose to live here and now, give up regrets about the past.

AQUARIUS (20 January & ndash; 19 February)

You deserve more than another ridiculous half-hearted love, Aquarius. You deserve more than a partner who constantly has one foot out the door. Take a moment to feel everything your past relationship has given you. Take a moment to mourn everything that can be mourned. And finally make a conscious effort to rewrite history. Remember, you deserve a person who shows genuine love, kindness, and respect. The universe whispers: the outer reality is being transformed along with you. Start with yourself and your own choices.

Cosmic Advice: Only you can rewrite the story of your life. Think about it.


PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

The energy of the waning moon encourages you to reflect on the mistakes of the past. Not for the sake of immersion in sorrow, but in order not to step on the same rake again and again. Here is the main question you should ask yourself today: how to stop going in circles? Find the moment from which everything went wrong last time and the year before. Grab your hand. And be sure to sort it out. This is a lot of work that is required in all areas of your life. Find a healthy outlet for stagnant emotions by thanking the past for valuable lessons. The best is yet to come, don't let the chaos in your soul scare away your happiness.

Cosmic Tip: it's time for spring cleaning. At home and in your life.

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