Horoscope for March 12: The day requires caution – it is better to do self-development

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Sunday, March 11. The waning Moon in Scorpio calls for caution. When deciding on changes, be careful at every step.

Everything that is happening now should be treated with humility, not everything you can influence, no matter how much you want. You will have to forget about your pride and learn to thank the world for all its gifts, including trials.

It's time to take care of your own development: any kind of training, acquiring new skills, expressing creativity and improving skills – all for the good.

New ideas and unconventional ways of solving problems can come to mind. Achieve your goals with this knowledge, and everything will certainly work out.

ARIES (March 21 & April 20)

You are the creators of your reality, Aries, you are simply forbidden to doubt this, otherwise you will lose an important life landmark. It is your thoughts, words and actions that determine your destiny. Nothing else and no one else. Today it is worth remembering your inner strength and consciously exploring all the options for solving the problem that concerns you. You understand that the choice in favor of growth will require you to experiment, to abandon the usual scenarios, and this is normal. You are in the mood to drop caution and take risks! And you can do it!

Cosmic tip: you are ready for the coming changes, don't be afraid of them.

 Horoscope for March 12: The day requires caution – better to do self-development

TAURUS (April 21 & May 21)

It's not always worth choosing the “right” one path. Correct according to others. Sometimes you need to turn off your hearing, ignore all the advice and do what seems right only to you. No need to reject your needs and ignore your intuition, follow the requests of the soul and listen to the heart. This is the only way you can fulfill your needs and deepest desires. At the same time, pay attention to how the theme of betrayal is played out in your life. If you feel like you've outgrown certain people, places, or situations, so be it. The fact that you've known them for ages is not reason enough to keep the relationship going.

Cosmic tip:listen to your inner voice, follow your sense of justice.

GEMINI (May 22 & June 21)

Accept that everything is impermanent, including life itself. Accept the fact that as you progress, you will outgrow the things you once thought were necessary for survival. Accept that the dreams of your youth will one day lose their luster. This is the trajectory of life. And sometimes this change happens without warning – this is what you are likely to experience in your reality today. The desire to isolate, hide from the whole world will be strong. But you don't have to shut yourself off from others, practice honesty and communicate your needs clearly. There are valuable people in your life who would give up everything to help you.

Cosmic tip: don't close yourself off from the world physically, don't hide your soul from people.

 Horoscope for March 12: The day requires caution – better to do self-development

CANCER (June 22 & July 22)

Today the stars are talking about the fear of rejection and the fear of being abandoned. About your tendency to avoid unpleasant situations as a way of self-preservation. Do yourself a favor and watch. Watch where your resistance comes from. Notice the moments when you give yourself permission to give up something that no longer serves your highest and greatest good. It's time to jump into the stream of life again, Cancer. It's time to open your heart with the inner knowing that you will be protected no matter what.

Cosmic tip:trust fate no matter what, you are led the right way.< br />

 Horoscope for March 12: The day requires caution – better to do self-development

LEO (July 23 & Aug 23)

Courage – it is not the absence of fear. Sometimes we take a step into the unknown despite the real horror in the soul. But we decide, act and win, right? So, take a moment to observe your own destiny from the sidelines. Analyze all the ways to achieve the goal and the experience of past achievements. The unknown is the real magic of being, and that is what the stars are calling you to step into. Allow yourself a little spontaneity and figure out what you need to spend your time and energy on along the way.

Cosmic tip: don't miss out on opportunities to grow and develop.

 Horoscope for March 12: The day requires caution – better to do self-development

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)

You are growing and flourishing. You become the version of yourself that you imagined, that you dreamed about a long time ago. But here's the catch: This is when the universe will probably give you a lesson or two to gauge how far you've actually progressed. Do yourself a favor and enter the space of awareness – say thank you for all the signs and revelations of fate. Your ability to stand your ground will be rewarded in due time.

Cosmic tip: accept change with gratitude, it is useless to resist it.

LIBRA (24 September & ndash; 23 October)

Today you are in the mood to connect with your inner shaman to look beyond the veil of destiny and pass through the subtle realms. You are in the mood to enter the portal of magic and discover secrets through direct experience. Some representatives of the sign may be drawn into the world of Ayurveda or plant medicine. But remember that half-knowledge is dangerous. No need for experiments, they can be really dangerous. Take the time to study a given topic or practice with a mentor and inspiration.

Cosmic tip: be prepared for amazing discoveries that will change the way you see the world.

 Horoscope for March 12: The day requires caution – better to do self-development

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

There is so much unsaid between you. Do you really want to carry this load further? Do yourself a favor and leave space and time for a frank conversation with your partner and any other loved one. Allow yourself to talk about things that cause inner discomfort. Remember, people won't understand what you've been through and what you're going through right now unless you make yourself vulnerable and bare your soul.

Cosmic tip: gain strength and courage for an open and honest conversation.

 Horoscope for March 12: The day requires caution – better to do self-development

SAgittarius (November 23 – December 21)

You live on the edge, Sagittarians! You are risking more than ever. And it all pays off! Maybe not right away, but it certainly pays off. The stars have sent down a reminder that your courage and ability to show yourself 100% in life's many adventures will be rewarded. Thus, some representatives of the sign will be able to start a new chapter in their careers and personal lives, if they only show the courage sleeping in them. Do yourself a favor and don't forget to schedule time for yourself on your calendar. Don't leave yourself for later.

Cosmic tip: your courage will be rewarded, don't give up.

 Horoscope for March 12: The day requires caution – better to do self-development

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Now you can clearly see how everything turned out in your favor. How you were protected, not punished by the mysterious forces of the universe. How these forces have constantly pushed you in the direction of growth. As spring arrives, you smile your brightest smile, express gratitude for both your present and your past, and create the future with cautious optimism. There's so much to come and you're just getting started on this amazing journey!

Cosmic tip: You'll soon feel like giving thanks at the top of your voice, get ready.

AQUARIUS (20 January & ndash; 19 February)

Can you appreciate the so-called unpleasant moments of life? Can you breathe through discomfort and trust that it will teach you a valuable lesson? Today the stars are teaching you to give up resistance and accept life on its terms. At the same time, give yourself permission to be, breathe, and integrate everything you've been through. Everything will change from now on, believe me. Everything will sparkle with new colors, and lost hope will return.

Cosmic tip: learn to be grateful for the so-called unpleasant moments.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

The Universe knows what supports your growth and what will help you rise to the next level, reach all the accomplishments for which you intended. So, accept your circumstances, Pisces. At the same time, analyze all opportunities for development, explore new ways to achieve your own goals. Just a reminder: you don't have to do everything yourself. You are blessed with the support of like-minded people during this time. Exploring the creative chemistry you share, take action. You have the power to bring more magic and beauty into this world.

Cosmic tip: follow your destiny, nothing will lead you astray.

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