Horoscope for March 11: It's time for a reboot and update

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Saturday, March 11. New days of the waning moon are favorable for new acquaintances, business meetings or romantic dates.

It's time for a reboot and renewal.

ARIES (March 21 & April 20)

Representatives of this zodiac sign worry too much about past failures. You feel that you missed something and went the wrong way. Stars recommend getting rid of turmoil – you can't get on the departed train anyway. But you have time to catch the next one. Don't miss this one too.

Space Tip: don't look back, live in the present.

 Horoscope for March 11th: It's time for a reboot and refresh

TAURUS (April 21 & ndash; May 21)

Is there any point in starting something if you are not going to finish it? You are constantly burning with something, full of ideas and ambitions, Taurus. Maybe you should not lean heavily on a new hobby? The stars recommend that you begin to cultivate discipline in yourself.

Cosmic advice: it's time to get things out of the long box.

 Horoscope for March 11th: It's time for a reboot and refresh

GEMINI (May 22 & ndash; June 21)

Representatives of the air element plunged headlong into work. Why so much responsibility on the shoulders? Probably, the home environment is pressing on you because of misunderstandings by relatives. Personal experiences should not be reflected in a career. It's time to take a break from stressful everyday life, then well-being will come to the whole family.

Cosmic Council work is not a wolf – will not run away into the forest.

 March 11th Horoscope: It's Time for a Reload and Refresh

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Cancers have taken over infantilism, their adult part has disappeared somewhere. From a self-sufficient and strong personality, you have turned into a capricious child, full of naivety and fuss. The stars recommend throwing crazy ideas out of your head. At least in this lifetime.

Cosmic advice: stop your head in the clouds, time to get back down to earth.

 Horoscope for March 11: It's time for a reboot and renewalSome representatives of this zodiac sign are mired in self-doubt today. Complexes slowed you down, Lions. Alas, life does not give respite, any stops are to your detriment. No one will believe in you if you do not feel your own strength. Don't underestimate your abilities.

 <strong>Cosmic tip:</strong> don't be afraid to make mistakes, it's part of life.</p>
<p> <img decoding=VIRGO (August 24 & September 23)

Doubt, anxiety and fear of the unknown. This is what torments Dev when they want to try something new. You are too strict with yourself, you cannot forgive a single mistake. Where does this zeal for perfection come from? It is impossible to achieve the ideal, so do not chase it. Just be yourself.

Cosmic tip: Don't be afraid to experiment, you'll be fine.

LIBRA (24 September & ndash; 23 October)

Representatives of the air element got lost on the way to harmony. Endless anxiety, panic, uncertainty, nebula. The stars recommend Libra to be in the most unexpected place for them. Travel to another city, take dance lessons or sing karaoke.

Cosmic Council: it's time to reboot, it's time to renew.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

Some Scorpios believe lately that everyone around them owes them. Surrounding people are very repulsed by such behavior, and you are perplexed by this. Think about what is unreasonable in your behavior? Then everything will fall into place.

Cosmic advice: stop fooling yourself and face the truth.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 & December 21)

Soon, some representatives of this zodiac sign will literally merge with the sofa. What is the reason? Perhaps there are problems at work. You are fundamentally dissatisfied with what you are doing. It's time to change jobs and stop procrastinating.

Cosmic tip: Stop feeding yourself on promises.

CAPRICORN (December 22 & January 19)

Capricorns have been overreacting to criticism lately and are constantly trying to change. The reflection in the mirror does not suit them at all, and constant nit-picking about the character. For some reason, you are sure that it is because of this that people repel you. Maybe it's time to learn to love yourself?

Cosmic tip: just be yourself and the world will smile at you.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 & Feb 19)

It's time for romance. The stars opened the love path for Aquarius, this should in no case be prevented. It's time to go on a date, arrange a romantic evening, make new acquaintances with the opposite sex. If you already have a partner, it is possible that he is considering a marriage proposal.

Cosmic tip: open your heart to love.

FISHES (February 20 – March 20)

Only recently, representatives of the water element had another idea. Alas, the implementation process quickly stopped. Why? A couple of misses and all – you have gone into despair. You can’t give up so quickly, because – it's a necessary part of the experience.

Cosmic advice: you gave up too soon, it's not too late to change things.

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