Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today is intention and plan

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 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

On Monday, January 23, the waxing Moon is in Aquarius. It gives strength to fight.

You will have to defend your interests, – no one will do it for you. Don't leave anything to chance. The success of undertakings throughout the next month may depend on how the situation develops at the end of January. And if you want to fundamentally change something in your life, act right now.

Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

New Moon in Aquarius brings optimism! You have big plans for yourself and for the team. It's time to regain your sense of awe and wonder! It's time to channel your energy into what brings you joy! Listen to your heart, follow your inspiration – so in the coming months you will attract good luck, opportunities will open up for a significant increase in professional and creative levels! You will also be able to improve and harmonize personal relationships if you are attentive to the signals of intuition.

Space Tip: Seize opportunities to grow and develop yourself.

Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

Keep the image of your triumph in your heart, do not forget about the final goal on the way and do not drown in the routine. Keep this image in front of your eyes – as a guide. This simple but effective method allows you to rise above the chaos around you and not get lost in the thicket of thousands of events parallel to your path. This is also the time to prioritize your personal life. Time to pay attention to what inspires and brings you joy. The mysterious smile on your face speaks for itself – you have a plan of action ready!

Cosmic advice: make time for activities that evoke the song of your soul.

 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

GEMINI (May 22) – June 21)

You are visited by a wild, crazy thought at times: what if it works? What if it works better than you imagine? But the desire to feel solid ground under your feet and the fear of risk do not allow you to dare. Today the stars are calling you to go beyond your consciousness and believe that the Great Plan is actually working in your favor, not against you. The whole world is basically – scene! So, play your part with grace and poise, not letting other people's dramas affect you in any way.

Space Tip: Only a positive attitude will get you out of this mess.

 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

Life has been going upside down lately, and frankly, you're tired. It remains only to admit it to yourself and finally help yourself. Do yourself a favor and take a break from trying to save the world. Instead, try to set healthy communication boundaries and channel your energy into taking care of yourself. Prioritizing your needs may seem odd at first, but that's okay. You'll be rewarded with a boost in self-esteem and a general sense of invincibility.

Space Tip: remember – first you need to put on an oxygen mask on yourself.

 January 23 Horoscope: The main thing today – intention and plan

LEO (23 July & ndash; 23 August)

You love what you do, but sometimes it feels like you're stuck in a rut. Do not despair, and even more so do not quit what you started. Find new approaches to repetitive tasks to awaken your sense of awe and wonder. At the same time, remember to be consistent and persistent. Your commitment to this cause promises to open all locked doors. Believe in your gift, in your talents, in your own strength. All this only exists if you believe.

Space Tip: You know you're good at it. Keep going!

 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)

It's quite frustrating to put all your energy into a project and see little or no results. Today, the stars are reminding you that you are on the right track, even if you don't see it yet. There is progress, no doubt. If you don't stop, it's there! Trust yourself and your path. For some members of the sign, the new moon may bring the opportunity to work under a mentor who inspires admiration and respect. Stay open and allow yourself to grow in many ways, don't be afraid to ask for help and support. Take action and fight your fears.

Cosmic advice: trust yourself, listen to your heart.

 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

LIBRA (September 24) – October 23)

When you look back on the trajectory of your life, you realize that you are grateful for everything. You are grateful for the tears and heartache. You are grateful for broken dreams and shattered illusions. Most importantly, you are grateful for what the World's efforts have brought about, not your own, for they have liberated you in more ways than can be imagined or articulated. It's a good reminder that everything around you is temporary and that things will soon change for the better unexpectedly.

Cosmic tip: you are gifted with courage and strength, you will overcome anything!

 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

Today you are asked to write a love letter to yourself. Write a love letter to past, present and future versions of yourself. To look at your own journey through the lens of acceptance and respect, marvel at how you have grown during this time. Remember what you are truly capable of, this knowledge will enable you to manifest the best version of yourself and take this metaphorical leap of faith. Magic is nearby – just reach out!

Space Council: faith in yourself and the whole world works wonders and opens all doors.

 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and planIf something is destined to happen – it will happen. No matter what. If a person is destined to become part of your history, no force in the world can separate you. So, let the ruined fall apart completely. Let the unstable foundation crumble. As long as you remain inside the dilapidated building, you are the epicenter of the storm. Let the whirlwinds blow it to the ground and let the foundation be laid for something new, undeniably better and stronger.

 <strong>Cosmic tip</strong>: Raise a glass to something that doesn't work! Only unnecessary things and people leave.</p>
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CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Grief deserves a place in your soul. Goryu also has something to share, something to teach you. Today the Universe is asking you to keep a place in your heart for regrets, including the so-called unpleasant emotions. Be interested in these feelings, find out what they say about your own psyche. This is a way to gain wisdom and strength for future accomplishments. Remember that it's okay to “grow up” from certain people, places and situations. It's okay – grow out of certain aspects of yourself. This is how the soul matures.

Cosmic advice: reflect and be grateful for both joy and bitter moments.

 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 19 )

You did not come into this world to be part of a system. You are here to make decisions, make changes, break glass ceilings and break stereotypes. This is your superpower. But it is so easy to forget about your own destiny in the flow of deeds, events, words and impressions. Over the course of life, we become overgrown with fears, become heavier and more cowardly. Fight on, don't let yourself stop. A New Moon in your sign awakens from deep sleep and reminds you of your sacred purpose!

Cosmic Tip: Consider how you can use your talents to achieve your ultimate goal.

 Horoscope for January 23: The main thing today – intention and plan

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

What, again? Have you fallen for the tricks again and let the wrong person into your space? How did it happen? It's worth thinking about it. It's good that today you are a different person, not like before. You already understand the danger of repeating past mistakes. Light the lamp of awareness, Pisces. Pay attention to all the signs of the universe that she calls you to put yourself first and prevent potential grief. Saying "no" sometimes someone else's nonsense – the only kind of self-care that really needs to be practiced.

Cosmic advice: There is no shame in being proud of yourself and praising yourself.

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