Horoscope for February 3: Throw away fears and prepare for change – they are close

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 Horoscope for February 3: Throw away your fears and get ready for change – they are close

Friday, February 3, the waxing Moon in Cancer gives a sense of security. For some representatives of the zodiac circle, it is only important to take a step forward, while others stop and – vice versa – take a step back in order to be one step higher in the future.

Try to focus on yourself, your desires and very soon you will see the result of your internal analysis.

ARIES (21 March – April 20)

Aries, it's time to cast aside all fears and doubts, get out of your comfort zone and take action! Improvise, move, break your usual rules. Only in this way will you be able to achieve certain peaks, which now, perhaps, seem somehow unattainable. Believe me, very soon you will look back and see – a step forward has been a turning point!

Cosmic Council: it's time to act.

TAURUS (April 21 & ndash; May 21)

Taurus, stop running in circles and not getting anything in return, you should not put up with this anymore, because you deserve more. Today is the day to turn the page and start a new chapter in your personal life. At the same time, the stars are advised to focus on yourself, continue to be devoted and true to yourself. Remember, in order for something new to appear in life, you need to make room and get rid of the old. Take Action!

Cosmic Advice: Start a new chapter in your love life.

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

You are just now beginning to learn to love yourself and, finally, you understand – in order to be happy and be in harmony with yourself, it is not necessary to do well to everyone around you. Now the priority for you, Gemini, is self-care, love, acceptance of yourself as you are. Think about it more often and then the belief in it will only grow stronger every day.

Cosmic advice: open up to love, take care of yourself and accept yourself for who you are.

CANCER (June 22 & July 22)

Cancers, it's time to look at yourself from the outside and admire! Hug yourself, praise yourself, do something good and pleasant for yourself, something that you used to be ready to do for others. The stars advise you to focus on updating yourself. And remember –what we broadcast to the outside world is a reflection of the internal state.

Cosmic advice: admire yourself, do something good and pleasant for yourself.< br />
LEO (July 23 & Aug 23)

Leo, the day has come for acceptance and awareness. Perhaps today you will understand what needs to be transformed in order to finally shine the light at the end of the tunnel. The process of healing and awareness is rarely smooth and follows a smooth path. But accept everything as it is, without judging anyone or labeling anyone. Also, try to rest well and not feel overwhelmed and empty at the same time.

Cosmic Advice: The day has come for acceptance and awareness.

VIRGO (August 24 & ndash; September 23)

Virgo, stop thinking that you are powerless in front of the world around you and the events taking place now. Look back, remember how much has already passed! Why do you now think you are powerless? Experience, falls, failures once taught you to move on and overcome all difficulties. So now pause, step back, gain strength and then you will understand – there is a cosmic force within you. It is she who will bring you back to life!

Cosmic Tip: take a step back to make sure – cosmic force inside.

LIBAR (September 24 & October 23)

Libra, it is time to conduct an internal analysis, turn to your subconscious, listen to the voice of reason. If you want to live according to a certain thing, give up and get rid of that which no longer plays any role, does not lead forward. Believe that you have strength, courage and wisdom inside you. It is these three qualities that will make you change your life and finally become content with it.

Cosmic advice: do your inner analysis and listen to the voice of reason.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)

Scorpio, the real seeker in you has awakened today. You will feel like you want to know something more. Do not deny yourself this: have you long wanted to read a book? Take it, read it. Take a specific course? Feel free to call and sign up. Interested in meditation? Spend time alone with yourself. The stars also advise you to write a love letter to yourself, in which you explain why you love yourself and what qualities you admire in yourself.

Cosmic advice: do not ignore your ideas and desires.< br />
SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

Sagittarius, today you will most likely feel as if you have fallen into a hole from which you will not be able to get out. But it normal. The stars advise you to turn to your past experience. But you should not rush into action, the changes should be smooth. And remember, – is not something bad, on the contrary – they only make a person stronger.

Cosmic advice: take your time to act, changes in life should be smooth.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

You are literally programmed to strive at all costs to meet the expectations of others, to try to fit into the framework of something in common. But at the same time, you feel out of your element. Do not try to still try to please everyone and everyone, do not hang labels on yourself. You are constantly growing and developing, and there is nothing wrong with appearing stupid, not knowing anything. Allow yourself to be who you are.

Cosmic advice: stop living up to the expectations of others.

AQUARIUS (January 20 & ndash; February 19)

Aquarius, you truly deserve the life you deserve dream and aspire to. The stars advise you to tune in and make room in your heart for yours. Do you understand what is at stake? It is for this that it is worth taking a risk and putting everything at stake.

Cosmic advice: wishes will come true unexpectedly, unexpectedly.

FISH ( February 20 & March 20)

Pisces, you deserve the love you dream of. But before that, it is worth opening up and making room for what is truly yours. The stars suggest that your spirit guides are also actively helping you to achieve what you want. In addition, even deeper immersion into psychology is possible today. Listen to your intuition, even if something incredible comes to mind.

Cosmic tip: let yourself love.

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