Horoscope for February 28: Today we must be extremely careful

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 Horoscope for February 28: Today you need to be extremely careful

Tuesday, February 28th. The growing Moon in Gemini provokes anxieties, fears, gloomy thoughts, tempts and makes you take unjustified risks and believe deceivers. Think over your every step, don't make decisions in haste.

Today it is very easy to succumb to the sweet speeches of an ill-wisher, to agree to a failed adventure, be extremely careful. Attackers will want to play on your pride, and if they succeed, pay the price.

Try to avoid ambiguous situations, it is better to spend time with loved ones, people you trust. At work, take care of current tasks, it is better to postpone big starts.

 Horoscope for February 28: Today you have to be extremely careful

ARIES (March 21 & April 20)

Perfection – it's boring, Aries. Striving for ideals is sometimes completely unjustified and generally pointless. The need to achieve a level of perfection binds us more than we can imagine. So, dissolve the barriers in your soul and in the outside world, remain yourself and do not allow yourself to be broken for the sake of other people's ideas. Remember, you didn't come to Earth to play petty. You are here to embrace your uniqueness and inspire those around you to shine in their own light.

Space Tip: Play big, it's all in your hands!
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 Horoscope for February 28: Today you need to be extremely careful

TAURUS (April 21 & May 21)

Today the stars draw your attention to the adherence to conventions. These are the rules and norms you grew up with, the stories you believed in and the narratives you learned because you didn't know any other way. No one claims that all these rules and regulations have no value in the general order of things. But still, it is necessary to accept that only you are the conscious creator of your reality, you have the right to choose. Leave grudges in the past and start life anew? Easily! If you want it. Your mantra for the day: “I'm free.”

Cosmic advice: it only takes one thing to rewrite the story of your life – your decision.

 Horoscope for February 28: Today must be extremely careful

GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

Today you are in a state of awe and wonder. Tune in to the joy of all the wonderful events of the past and what is yet to be experienced. If your internal radio frequency is tuned to gratitude, you automatically become the strongest magnet for miracles. Believe me, the Universe wants to give you more than you can imagine! Let yourself be enchanted by life itself and your destiny will change. Every moment of joy, every “thank you” leads to better things.

Cosmic advice: don't forget to be grateful, you have a lot to thank the world for.

CANCER (June 22 – July 22)

You've been through one test after another lately, you're exhausted. As parts of the old story begin to slowly fade into memory, you begin to question who you are now. It happens, don't be afraid. Try not to fight uncertainty, but to intermarry with it. Turn fear into an exciting and pleasant anticipation of new discoveries. Simply because the world is the way we see it. Yes, and one more thing! Do not rush to save others, do not take on all the work that is offered to you, do not be afraid to miss the opportunity. Now you need your own love, care and tenderness more than anyone else.

Cosmic advice: take care of yourself, do not let the hustle and bustle capture you.

 Horoscope for February 28th: ​​Today you need to be extremely careful

LEO ( July 23 – August 23)

You no longer have the energy to chase people, events, experiences, or opportunities. You know that what is yours is yours and will find its way into your Universe at the right time. All you have to do is keep creating yourself. Build your own world, surround yourself with loved ones, choose a business you like – fulfill their sacred purpose. Try to imagine that there are no obstacles. And you can devote all your time to a dream. Determine what is most important and focus only on that. And it will become clear – you can do it!

Cosmic advice: follow your dreams, don't be afraid, you're stronger than you think.

VIRGO (August 24 & September 23)

Now is not the time to rest on our laurels. It's time to get back in the game! Stand out, share your unique knowledge and experience, and inspire others to reach their highest potential. Remember who you are, magnificent, talented, strong Virgo. Remember everything you have achieved, feel what you are capable of. You are destined for something more, you will not put up with the “ordinary” life, don't settle for less! And be the best version of yourself no matter what.

Cosmic Tip: time to shine, no more supporting roles!

 Horoscope for February 28th: ​​Be extremely careful today

LIBRA ( September 24 – October 23)

Plot twist: you don't have to do everything right, be perfect in everything – from appearance to thoughts and actions. You just need to stay in the energy of the game and paint the canvas of your life according to your own taste. When you don't limit yourself and shine with your own light, you give others permission to do the same. You inspire! As for matters of the heart, the stars warn of the risk of meeting an egoist who can charm you. A whirlwind romance can turn anyone's head, can't it? But for now, it's best to stay focused so you don't overlook the important things through rose-tinted glasses.

Cosmic Tip: paint the canvas of your life with the brightest and boldest colors.

 Horoscope for February 28th: ​​Be extremely careful today

SCORPIO ( October 24 – November 22)

Transformation does not always have to be chaotic, violent, frightening. This is not necessarily a test to the limit. You don't always have to feel stuck on a rollercoaster with no chance to get out to progress to the next level. Be gentle, be kind, and be compassionate to yourself. Watch every detail of today so you can rewrite the script. Right now, you are on the cusp of discovering a whole new version of yourself.

Cosmic tip: Treat yourself with love, care, and tenderness.

 Horoscope for February 28th: ​​Be extra careful today

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)

Representatives of this sign can feel vulnerable and even helpless. Old wounds, painful events of the past suddenly resurface, reminding you of times long past. Watch. Attentiveness to every little thing will allow you to get closer to healing, Sagittarius. Turn your gaze to the memories that need to be let go in order to have a chance to move on. If necessary, seek help from a mentor. Big and better things are waiting for you. Everything you need – it's taking the first step.

Cosmic advice: Pain is too hard to live with. Learn to accept and leave behind.

 Horoscope for February 28 : Today you need to be extremely careful

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Here's the thing, Capricorns: Chances are, an important and long-awaited event won't happen according to your schedule. Everything will not happen the way you imagine it now. However, do not allow yourself to be disappointed in your own reality. Instead, find a place for trust in your soul. Trust the Universe that wants the best for you. Remind yourself that the divine plan is perfect and designed to support your growth. Do not try to break reality, take on the impossible. The more patient you are with yourself and others during this time, the easier it will be to move into the new timeline.

Space Tip: This is not the time to move mountains and take on grand projects.

 Horoscope for February 28: Today you need to be extremely careful

AQUARIUS (January 20 & ndash; February 19)

You may be in a festive mood today, and for good reason. You don't have to wait for something big to happen before opening a bottle of champagne. You are alive, you are free, you can fulfill your dreams, you are surrounded by your spiritual family! What could be better? Aquarians who are part of a particular community may feel inspired to take part in an event or attend a gathering. Do not limit yourself, do not forbid. Take everything from life according to your heart.

Cosmic advice: you are alive and breathing! Could there be a better reason to celebrate?

 28th Horoscope february: Today you need to be extremely careful

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Today you are in the mood to accept life as it is and surrender sweet idleness – dolce far niente. Slow down. Just be. Get the most out of being right here, right now, in this present moment. Share stories with close and beloved people, hold a place in the soul for each other. Considering that we live in the height of the Pisces season, the desire to connect with the element of water will also be strong. Swim in a natural body of water, if possible, or in a pool. Finally, take a dip in the ritual bath at home – and relax.

Cosmic advice: look for ways to calm your body and soul, you need a break.

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