Hope Meyher – about coronavirus: We are enslaved by fear

Надежда Мейхер - о коронавирусе: Нас превращают в рабов с помощью страха

Hope Meyher – about coronavirus: We are enslaved by fear
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Photo: instagram.com/nadyameiher.

The singer believes the situation of the game.

Ukrainian singer Nadezhda Meyher could not pass information about the coronavirus, which causes anxiety. According to singer, it doesn’t just happen. The star urged fans to keep a cool mind.

– My dear, whoever started this “Game”, don’t give up.

Overestimate value, value your life more, and take responsibility for their own destiny and move forward, even by leaps and bounds, but forward.

Use our imagination and act in their own interests beyond that we are trying to “shove”. Thinking I understand! And only the “plasticity” of the mind will give us strength and protects against panic. Because fear and panic is what “Players” want from us. You know, our life will not be the same. But no one has the right to tell us how to live, how to breathe and to think, how to feel and love. Because each of us is endowed with the Highest Intelligence, and many of us are able to make a Choice, and not depend on “kindergarten”, which is interesting often. After all, someone is using our fear drains our energy, makes us slaves. And as soon as we accept the position of “free thinking person” who laughs in their face and does not respond to a different kind of “horror stories”, believe me, we will benefit.

Be The Light!!! Be Love!!! Look at the root! Do not allow anyone to think and decide for You!!! And I love You all together and each separately (at this point the singer pointed out the smiley-heart. – Ed.) said the former soloist of “VIA gra” in .

Earlier, the American writer Stephen king recalled his prophetic novel about a deadly virus.


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