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The Korean series that everyone is talking about highlights the high level of tolerance to the graphic violence of today’s audiences.

Addictive, well written and acted, The Squid Game, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, is a sample of the type of series whose main impact lies in its excesses.

The story centers on a group of people in financial distress and debt who are summoned to play children’s games, with a radical twist: a prize in millions of dollars for the sole winner and death for the losers.

In this way they enter a twisted and creative dynamic for the innocent tournaments that will culminate in equally imaginative ways of being eliminated.

The excellent handling of tension and explicit violence of “gore” level, which according to a good friend makes Quentin Tarantino look like a “sweet old lady”, provoke equally fascination and curiosity in the audience and hence its success.

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A man and a woman have a romance that surpasses the barrier of time. The film marked the reunion of Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, 12 years after they starred in Maximum Speed. Bullock is Kate, a doctor who leaves a glass house on a lake and leaves a letter in the mailbox for the new tenant. Reeves is Alex, the architect who moves to live there and receives the letter, only he lives in that house two years before. She leaves her in 2006 and the actor’s character arrives in 2004. Through a mailbox, Alex and Kate exchange letters through time and fall in love, and although the premise may sound half absurd, the address of Alejandro Agresti and the Bullock and Reeves performances make you believe it without a problem. The chemistry between them is impressive and therefore a great success to make such a story work. The film has very emotional moments and, although it can be quite predictable, it conquers you.

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Steve Martin is Peter Sanderson, a divorced lawyer who meets a woman via chat who doesn’t exactly tell him the whole truth about herself, as she hides some important details.

Queen Latifah is this woman, Charlene Morton, a kind-hearted ex-inmate who becomes involved with Martin’s family and changes their lives in the process.

There is nothing new in the story, as it is the typical film about the meeting of two worlds and how valuable lessons can be learned from people different from one.

What the film manages to lift is that the chemistry of its protagonists is excellent and Latifah manages to steal Martin’s film; something that could be considered impossible due to the actor’s sympathy. His Charlene is adorable and his strategies for helping Martin’s children are a lot of fun.

Ultimately the stars put enough sympathy and enthusiasm in their characters for the story to emerge despite its problems.

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