Holocaust survivors reunite after 82 years

Holocaust survivors reunited after 82 years

An amazing story happened with two friends Betty Grebenshchikoff and Anna-Marie Warenberg, reports FOX 13.

82 years ago, when the girls were 9 years old, they said goodbye because their families were about to leave Berlin, where the Nazis ruled.

“Anna-Marie's father brought her to the playground and my father brought me and we had to say goodbye. They told us that we must say goodbye to each other and we may see each other again someday. And we cried, hugging each other, ”Betty recalled.

The Betty family fled to China, the only country that accepts immigrants without visas. They lived there for 11 years.

For 82 years, Betty Grebenshchikoff managed to get married, move. All these years she knew nothing about the fate of Anna-Marie. Many times she spoke in public and talked about the Holocaust, always mentioning her childhood friend.

“Every time I spoke, I always mentioned her name:“ If anyone ever hears about Anne-Marie Varenberg, let me know, ”said Betty.

It would seem that after so many years, the hope of meeting may be lost. But fate decreed otherwise. Holocaust researcher Ita Gordon realized that the stories of two women Holocaust survivors, Anna-Marie Warenberg and Betty Grebenshchikoff, were linked, and as she delved deeper into the testimony, she realized that Betty's missing 82-year-old friend was she was actually Anna-Marie from Chile.

The researcher found out that after marriage Betty changed her last name, which could make it impossible to find her in the United States. Ita Gordon understood that she needed to reunite her friends.

In March, Betty and Anna Maria phoned for the first time, and two weeks after that, for the first time since the age of 9, the women saw each other live.
< br /> “It was lovely. We just hugged. We didn't cry. We just laughed, talked and drank champagne. ” My friends have never missed a call.

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