Holocaust survivor family sues Israel Museum

 Holocaust survivor family sues Israel Museum

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A family of Holocaust survivors filed a lawsuit against the Israel Museum in Jerusalem to recover a 700-year-old Haggadah that the plaintiffs say was lost during the rise of Nazi Germany. This is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Haggadah “Bird's Head” it has been in the possession of the Israel Museum since 1946, where it has been studied by countless scholars and prominently displayed to millions of visitors. The Haggadah features bird-headed figures preparing matzah.

According to a lawsuit filed in a Manhattan court last week, the Haggadah belongs to the heirs of Ludwig Marum, a Jew who served in the German parliament until 1933. In 1934, he was assassinated by the Nazis.

Marum's four grandchildren, three of whom were Holocaust survivors, discovered their family ties and struggled for years to establish ownership of the Haggadah. According to them, the Haggadah is worth $10 million.

Representatives of the Israel Museum dismissed the claims of Marum's heirs, saying that his late daughter, Elizabeth Lunau, gave her permission to the museum to keep the manuscript.

" Unfortunately, 40 years after Elisabeth Lunau wrote to the Israel Museum that the Haggadah should remain in its collection, her daughter, niece and nephews have sued the museum in an attempt to overturn her wish,” the museum said in a statement.

Marum's grandchildren dispute the museum's position.

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