Hollywood star Keira Knightley voiced the diary of a Kharkov schoolgirl about the war

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 Hollywood star Keira Knightley voiced the diary of a Kharkov schoolgirl about the war

The famous Hollywood actress Keira Knightley voiced the audio version of the diary of 12-year-old Kharkiv resident Eva Skalietska “You don't know what war is.” This was reported by Bloomsbury, which won the right to publish Eva's diary Skalietska.

A 12-year-old girl described life in Kharkov during the bombing and shelling in the first days of the war. She and her grandmother spent this time in the basement. Eva wrote down everything that happened to her during that period, so the book depicts a childlike view of the war.

“This is an incredibly important story that is both powerful and deeply moving. I am honored to be a part of this publication, telling Eva's extraordinary story of inspiration and courage,” Knightley said.

She added that the Kharkiv woman's diary had a huge impact on her.

Audio manager Tom Skipp praised Keira Knightley for capturing the author's thoughtful and penetrating voice.

“It means a lot to Eva that Kira chose to work on this important book and Keira did something really special with her approach. To her. She pays tribute to the innocent, young, but wise beyond her years tone of Eva, and the ideal image of Kira is sensitive, intimate. and, finally, extremely persuasive”, – he said.

The audio version of the book in the voice of the actress was released on October 25. Eva's diary has been compared to Anne Frank's memoirs. In it, the author gives an understanding of what conflict is through the eyes of a child. For publication, Bloomsbury collaborates with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

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