Hollywood actor Sean Penn came to Ukraine for the second time

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 Hollywood actor Sean Penn came to Ukraine for the second time

Famous Hollywood actor and director Sean Penn has returned to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion. He “lit up” in Kyiv, then to go to Bucha and Irpin.

The fact is that the owner of the Oscar shoots a film in Ukraine about the atrocities of Vladimir Putin. The film will be a documentary, it will tell about the war in Ukraine unleashed by the Russians.

Sean Penn plans to go to Bucha and Irpin to see with his own eyes the consequences of the crimes committed by the Russian military.

Note that it was while working on the project in Kyiv that he caught the first day of a full-scale Russian invasion. Subsequently, the actor left Ukraine, but at the end of March he returned to the Lviv region to establish the work of his charitable organization in our country. It is Sean Penn who initiated the initiative to raise funds for 2 fighter squadrons and train Ukrainian pilots to fly the F-16.

Recently, the star organized a charity evening in Los Angeles, where he managed to raise more than a million dollars. He also stated that he was ready to take up arms to fight together with Ukraine.

In an interview with Hollywood Authentic, the actor previously said that he admired the people of Ukraine since 2014. He advised everyone to watch the documentary “Winter on Fire” about the events of the Revolution of Dignity in order to better understand Ukrainians.

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