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 A holiday of unity and solidarity

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The famous group “Nogu Svelo” comes to Israel with a single concert in September. In anticipation of the performance, Maxim Pokrovsky, the permanent leader of the team, spoke about what the concert would be like.

When was the last time you were in Israel with concerts?

long enough, more than 5 years ago for sure. It was a concert in Tel Aviv, and an acoustic concert, which for “Nogu Svelo” great and great rarity. We have been rehearsing such a program for a long time, preparing specially for a long time.

What is he, the Israeli viewer of “Nogu Svelo”?

Our audience, wherever we play, is overwhelmingly Russian-speaking, no matter how much we would like our audience to be international, because we are still a Russian-speaking band, despite the presence of a certain number of songs in English in the repertoire. And it defines everything. Our audience in different countries is more or less the same, because everyone knows the same group “Nogu Svelo”, and the difference in the audiences of different countries is quite difficult to determine. Everyone knows our hits, they are always asked to perform at concerts, which we do with pleasure. In America and Israel, they are very fond of “In the Dark”, “Haru Mamburu”, “Let's go to the East”, which we are temporarily not performing due to the political situation. Since the beginning of the war, we have given only 3 concerts so far: in Cyprus, Georgia and Armenia. And I can say that the newest, most relevant songs are now no less in demand than hits. This is rather an answer to the question of what unites the audiences of different countries, rather than distinguishes them.

The songs that have recently been released by the Nogu Svelo Group shocked not only those who have long been familiar with your creativity, but also all who are terrified of war. Everyone understood that creative resistance has a very bright and expressive voice. Did you feel that you, the band, were treated as an anti-war voice? Because anti-war statements are perhaps the only thing that makes sense in this situation.

 A holiday of unity and solidarity

I agree. Anti-war statements – really the only thing that makes sense right now. And I, to put it mildly, do not understand those who are trying to find meaning and even find it in something else. Thank you for the compliment that our songs cause some kind of positive reaction and are an outlet for someone. The period of creation of anti-war songs clearly coincided with the beginning of the war in Ukraine, – literally a few days separate it from our first song, We Don't Need War. Support people with songs – the task is much more local than, say, the task of stopping the war with a song. We would be happy to stop the war with a song, but so far, unfortunately, this has not been the case. Unfortunately, this war is stronger than any of our songs or even all of our songs put together. Our task, which can be somehow globalized in the good sense of the word – the preservation of ourselves, of the form of life to which I belong, you, all people who are compassionate, thinking, not without common sense. And this task can be done. This is a strap that you can pull, and something will be pulled there. This big barge will somehow move from its place, and we, like barge haulers, will continue to move it. A hard, hard to achieve, but still tangible result.
Since the beginning of the war, we have released five new songs, and since the beginning of the pandemic, even more. Why did I mention the beginning of the pandemic? Because it was at that moment that we started to get discontent songs, and then protest songs.

Will there be an anti-war album?

Before I talk about the anti-war album, I'll tell you that we recently released a super-limited edition of vinyl, just with protest songs written before the war. It is named after the first song that started this cycle. Both the song and the vinyl album are called “Golden Time”. There are 10 songs.
We have thoughts about an anti-war album, we are also thinking about vinyl, I don’t know if we will combine these songs in digital form into an album, because five songs have already been released as singles: “We don’t need war”, “Letter Zyu”, “Generation Z”, “Back Russia” and “Ukraine”. There is still not enough material for a whole album, but seven songs can be made out of five, because “Back Russia” is available in two languages. In English, it is called “Russia go home”. And the song “We don't need war” there is another version in which one guest artist participates with us, namely the voice of Foreign Minister Lavrov with his famous phrases. Also, two more songs will be ready soon: «I'm afraid» and “Titan” and we're thinking about doing a modern-sounding version of “Our Young Funny Voices” that's so relevant right now. There are a couple more protest songs in English, so if we get ten, five on each side of the record, we will make vinyl. There is another composition, vocal-instrumental without words, which I dreamed about. When you dream of melodies, you start to envy the person who composed these melodies, because they are beautiful, but when you wake up, you understand two things. Pleasant and unpleasant. The nice thing is that this handsome man, who composed the – it's you. And the second, unpleasant, – when you wake up, you realize that you have forgotten it. Then I woke up on the plane and did not forget. And since I was on a plane from Russia, at first I decided to call it “Over Greenland” somehow, but then I very sentimentally called it SU 102. This is the 102nd flight, which I almost always flew between Russia and America. And almost the last one I flew until the air service was closed. It is not clear whether it is necessary to put a song without words on this album, but over time we will definitely understand everything. Time always puts everything in its place.

Tell me about the concert in Tel Aviv.

We are really preparing for the concert in Tel Aviv, because we have not been to Israel for a long time, and now this concert is very important, primarily because in Israel a huge percentage of people sympathize with Ukraine, and it is very pleasant that our concert is more than immediate The Israeli-Ukrainian association NEXUS is related, perhaps even more correctly to say that we are related to its activities, thank you very much for associating yourself with us, it is very nice. As for the concert program in Tel Aviv, it will be quite similar to what we just performed in Cyprus, Armenia and Georgia, because in our opinion it is some kind of actual mix of big, big hits and the most correct, most logically fitting into the program of songs of the last period.

Dear Israel, on September 8, we are waiting for everyone at our concert in Tel Aviv at the Gagarin Club, we will be very happy to dedicate this concert to the world, we will be very happy and dedicate this concert, I am already talking about this, to the independence of Ukraine, I am very pleased that part of the funds will go to support peaceful Ukrainian citizens who have suffered and continue to suffer from this absolutely crazy war. I want to say that in some sense of the word it will be a holiday, I will explain in what. Now we have nothing to celebrate, and nothing to rejoice. But let me call it, firstly, our personal holiday, because we will finally set foot on the holy land after such a break, and let it be a holiday of unity and a holiday of solidarity. We will really celebrate later, when Ukraine becomes completely independent, but for now we will concentrate on the concert. And you, please, concentrate on stocking up on energy, because we will definitely ask you to yell with us, we will definitely ask you to sing the refrains of the songs “Feberge Eggs”, “Instagram”, of course, “Haru Mamburu”, “Our young funny voices”, with great pleasure we will sing the song “Ukraine” with you. We need to sing along with you, because we have many voices, and when we merge into one, they hear us.

will be held on September 8 at the Gagarin 2.1 club, Kibbutz Galuyot, 13.

Photo: Elena Deino, Ksenia Pavlova .

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