Hoka launches two new models: Clifton 9 and Hoka Transport

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 Hoka has released two new models: the Clifton 9 treadmill and the Hoka Transport

Hoka Transport — it is a versatile sporty and stylish shoe for every day.

The new vegan model Hoka Transport is designed to fuse active and urban lifestyles. Sneakers made from recycled materials for those who care about the quality of the environment, who ride public transport or bike to work and business, as well as for walks in nature on the weekends.

The special design of Transport is combined with the highest quality materials, most of which are recyclable.

 Hoka has released two new models: Clifton 9 and Hoka Transport

Made from 100% recycled materials, the shoe wraps around the ankle and features special laces for fast, tight lacing. Longitudinal polyurethane strips that support the lateral parts of the foot are composed of 50% soybean oil. Upper Mesh Cordura® Made from 100% recycled rPET fibers for wear resistance and 360-degree reflectors.

Designed for the dynamic characteristics of urban life, the midsole is made from CMEVA molded polymer, 30% of which is made from sugar cane.

Outsole reinforced with vegan Vibram® N-OIL at 3mm from 90% oil-free materials.

 Hoka launches two new models: the Clifton 9 and Hoka Transport

Hoka Transport is made with the utmost respect for the environment and the use of vegan materials.

Model Сlifton brand Hoka — it's the shoe that revolutionized the ultimate cushioning shoe twelve years ago, and the new ninth version of the shoe raises the bar.

3mm soles and enhanced design for a new running and walking experience.

American professional sports shoe brand Hoka has developed and launched the new Clifton 9 model for all types of training, running and walking. These shoes protect your joints even more and make running and walking even easier, more enjoyable and safer. The sloping outsole
provides a smooth, smooth ride.

The ankle wrap upper is vegan and made from recycled materials combined with ventilated, flexible and comfortable velvet fabric. Reflectors are for your safety.

The outsole is made of a new, durable and very light CMEVA foam that provides a soft feel and excellent braking, as well as stability throughout the entire movement. The outer shell is made from durable, lightweight rubber for optimal grip on urban and asphalt surfaces.

 Hoka launches two new models: the Clifton 9 and Hoka Transport

The CLIFTON 9 is the perfect balance between softness and lightness for the ultimate in fluid movement.< br />
All Hoka sneakers have a special sole geometry – a roll from heel to toe for better repulsion. A soft heel made of even lighter Eva foam to reduce the impact on the joints when in contact with asphalt, and a resilient forefoot for effective repulsion. . Airy lightness, softness and elasticity are its main qualities.

 Hoka launches two new models: the Clifton 9 and Hoka Transport

Ideal for walking and running on asphalt, the concentration of scientific research and know-how is over the top in Hoka running shoes.

In Israel, the Hoka brand is represented by the WeShoes chain. WeShoes has more than 80 branches throughout the country, new sneakers can also be found in the online store of the network.

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