Hitler paintings auctioned: “bad taste”

Картины Гитлера выставили на аукцион: "дурной тон"

At auction in Germany for sale 5 paintings of Hitler

Politicians and society have dubbed this “bad taste”

In the German town of Nuremberg put up for auction some works of art that according to some assumptions was written by Adolf Hitler.

“Auction house Weidler sells 5 paintings attributed to Hitler and wicker chair, decorated with the symbol of the swastika, which are believed to have also belonged to the dictator”, — is told in the message.

Картины Гитлера выставили на аукцион: "дурной тон"

Among the paintings — a watercolour print of a mountain lake, the original cost which is $ 51 thousand.

This week, the auction house was removed from the sale of 26 paintings, as it was confirmed that they are fake. Prosecutor’s office opened an investigation against certain persons “on suspicion of forgery and attempted fraud.”

In Germany remains protivoshokovym to conduct public screenings of Nazi symbols, except in certain educational or historical contexts. Thus, the auction house was supposed to erase the Nazi insignia and symbols in their brochure, in order to comply with German law.

Weidler auction house sold a number of paintings of Hitler in the past years, the most costly which went under the hammer over 147 thousand dollars in 2014.

Earlier it was reported that Eva Braun never had sex with Adolf Hitler

The reason for this was a rare female disorder, says he wrote a book about her biography Professor Thomas Lundmark.

According to the researcher, brown apparently suffered from the syndrome of Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH). It is a congenital malformation, due to which sexual intercourse may be difficult and painful.

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Картины Гитлера выставили на аукцион: "дурной тон"

This is the conclusion of Landmark came on the basis of documents, in particular correspondence with brown Munich gynecologist Gustav Scholten. Others was the proof of the calendar, who was the wife of the doctor. Among the records there is a note about the phone call from the residence of the Fuhrer at the Berghof with gratitude to the address of Scholten conducted on brown the surgery.

In addition, according to Lundmark, he found his son the doctor, he said, citing the words of his aunt that the civil wife of Hitler at the hospital and did just that complained of severe pain. In conversations with leading surgeons of Germany, the Professor described all the information about the health of brown, and they made it clear to him that this syndrome MRKH.

We will remind, the Ukrainian priest disgraced out of love to Hitler.

As reported Politeka published five code phrases with which to start wars and coups.

Also Politeka wrote that the Network got pictures of the personal photographer of the dictator of the Third Reich

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