Hit KAZKA listens to Russia and the world: what is the phenomenon of Ukrainian songs

Хит KAZKA слушает Россия и весь мир: в чем феномен украинской композиции

The song “Crying” musical ensemble KAZKA at the peak of popularity abroad: the performers commented on your vzle

Today from everywhere in Ukraine, sounds the song “Crying” of the group of KAZKA. Interestingly, the song in the Ukrainian language is popular not only at home but also far beyond its borders.


Хит KAZKA слушает Россия и весь мир: в чем феномен украинской композиции

In particular, it entered the top 10 most popular tracks of the prestigious international chart Shazam. In less than two months of existence – official music video has collected 52 million views on YouTube.

A hot topic in the Network, the popularity of the song “Crying”, which topped the hit-parade of Russian TV channel “Muz-TV” and some other charts of the Russian Federation.

Vividly talking about the “sympathy” the most popular Russian journalist and blogger Yury Dude. He commented on his attitude to the songs and called Ukrainian the language of magic:

I can’t stand anymore – I watch this clip every other day and every time can’t shake them. Magic song. Magical women. Magic the Ukrainian language, wrote the Dude on his page on Twitter.

Хит KAZKA слушает Россия и весь мир: в чем феномен украинской композиции

The band KAZKA commented on your immediate success:

The song “Crying” was included in a huge number of reputable ratings around the world! Moreover, topped the charts in Colombia, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and of course Ukraine! For us it was a surprise. A pleasant surprise! – said the musicians.

“Because after the release you never know what fate will befall the song. “Crying” has responded in the hearts of people in many countries. Now we can confidently say: music has no boundaries — neither linguistic nor geographical. We are pleased to welcome all the listeners of planet Earth on the territory of our work.

They also added original appeal:

Dear aliens! If the song “Cry” topped and your intergalactic charts — write to our Manager! We are happy to expand the world KAZKA on a couple of planets.

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