Histadrut launches a new benefit program “Be-yahad bishvilha SKY”

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 Histadrut Launches New Be-Yahad Bishvilha SKY Benefits Program

Good news for the members of the “Be-yahad bishvilha” club (“Together for you”): The Histadrut consumer club launches for the first time in cooperation with the credit card company “Max” the Be Yahad Bishvilha SKY air travel program, which allows customers of this program to accumulate air and vacation points with each purchase and use them for the next vacation. The new program, effective January 1, 2023, is based on the SKYMAX program in partnership with SMARTAIR. It will allow the club's credit card holders to accumulate points and use them in many airlines, including low-cost airlines (low-cost), and in many hotels in Israel and abroad. Members of the club will also receive a variety of other perks such as attractive currency exchange fees, discounts on overseas travel insurance and other perks. All this – without the notorious “small print” conditions when using benefits in airlines and hotels – just place an order on the site and pay with points. The program is open to all “Be-yahad bishvilha” credit card holders.

Club "Be-yahad bishvilha" was founded in January 2016 by the Histadrut and is the largest consumer club in Israel. It has over 350,000 members enjoying low rates and a wide range of benefits and services. All members of the Histadrut can join the club. In addition, the club offers its members free of charge and without obligation to use a credit card in cooperation with “Max”. This card provides additional benefits in various areas. Free credit card "Be-yahad bishvilha" provides its customers with additional credit frames, social loans at an affordable interest rate and other unique benefits. This is the first and only card in Israel that combines social benefits for purchases, as well as benefits for airline tickets and tourism.

Since January 2023, Be-Yahad Bishvilkha's clients have will be able to purchase various benefits on the club website only with the help of a club credit card. Until that time, payment is possible using various credit cards, while the holders of “Be-yahad bishvilha” credit cards enjoy great discounts and many benefits. A new credit card can be issued immediately on the Max website, get its number directly in the company's application and pay online and with mobile payments without a physical card, and thus immediately enjoy all the benefits.
Histadrut Chairman Arnon Bar -David said: “Be-yahad bishvilha” — is a cutting-edge social club that has taken a big leap in the last three years with significant budget increases and the launch of innovative products and services. The club completely changed the consumption habits of the members of the Histadrut. It allows them to purchase products in various areas and save significant amounts every month. This is part of our fight to reduce the rising cost of living in Israel. The new air travel program we are launching today is another step in expanding our services to workers. We will continue to allocate resources and subsidize benefits for the hundreds of thousands of workers who are members of the Histadrut.”

Photo courtesy of the Histadrut press office

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