His memory is short! Gringo replaced Sophie Marinova with a twisted l …

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His memory is short! Gringo replaced Sophie Marinova with a twisted l …

Todor Davidov, better known as Gringo, quickly forgot about love. The ex-partner of the pop-folk singer Sofi Marinova has already replaced her with a woman from Pernik.

The relationship between the two began a month ago, but so far Sophie Marinova herself has not officially announced her separation from Davidov.

According to acquaintances, Gringo’s new love was a lady without a serious profession, but with two children from her first marriage. The fight between her and Davidov happened after another scandal between him and Sophie, which again ended disastrously for the singer – with a broken arm for the third time. We remind you that almost all summer Marinova was involved in plaster, writes “Telegraph”.

This is not the first scandal between the two, which ends in a beating.

Sofka first appeared with a broken arm in 2019, 5 months after the lavish wedding she and Gringo had. The singer then stated that her husband systematically assaulted her and the two divorced by mutual consent in the court in Etropole.

A few months later, Sophie forgave her lover and the two lived together again. Now, however, it seems that there is no going back, and while Gringo found solace in the arms of another woman, Marinova left to forget her failure in the love of the Maldives. There she is in the company of her son Lorenzo and her colleagues Preslava and Konstantin. From the videos and photos posted on social networks, it is clear that Sophie is having a great time and it is only a matter of time before she forgets Gringo.


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