His freedom has been short-term

Sa liberté aura été de courte durée

The freedom has been short-term for Sarah-Lyne Gagnon. After you have obtained the clemency of the court, on the 28th of September last, with a suspended sentence, the woman’s 43-year-old was arrested on Thursday in possession of cocaine.

The client of Me Olivier Théorêt, legal Aid, appeared Friday morning before judge Paul Guimond, of the Court of Québec, the same magistrate who had believed in the rehabilitation of the thief.

On Thursday, officers of the police Service of Saguenay (SPS) have proceeded to the arrest of the woman in the long history of the judiciary. They found quite a large amount of white powder on it to accuse him of possession for the purpose of trafficking. She is also accused of possession of methamphetamine and breach of condition.

On 28 September, the judge Guimond had accepted the suggestion of the lawyers to grant a stay of sentence of a period of 18 months, charged in connection with accusations of theft.

It had to keep the peace and be of good behaviour. Sarah-Lyne Gagnon should not commit faux pas, and especially not to come back before the court. It will have lasted 13 days.

Gagnon will spend the weekend behind bars. It should be a survey released on Tuesday 16 October, unless it decides to settle his case.

It is possible to believe that his suspended sentence could turn into a period of detention farm in prison. And an additional sentence could be added to the charges of the last hours.

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