His ex-wife first told about the breakup: “I was discouraged”

Бывшая жена Шнурова впервые рассказала о расставании: "Я была обескуражена"

Ex-wife of famous Russian singer Sergei Shnurov Matilda told me all about the relationship with the celebrity that was previously hidden as too personal

Matilda took part in a talk show of Ksenia Sobchak told about marriage and divorce, says Hyser.

In the new edition of the show Ksenia Sobchak “Beware Sobchak” she touched their life, but to comment on his new relationship did not.

Бывшая жена Шнурова впервые рассказала о расставании: "Я была обескуражена"

The former wife of the rock musician arrived in St. Petersburg, where he celebrated the sixth anniversary of their own restaurant “Kokoko”.

As you know Matilda and Xenia friends for quite some time, so the result is quite sincere and Frank discussion. After a loud party girls hooked up in one of the bedrooms of the hotel where we had a heart to heart about the personal life of Matilda. Almost all the friends of Matilda were worried about her condition since the divorce.

“I do not understand why people discuss the reasons of our divorce. When people are in a real relationship and genuinely love each other, it is very difficult to understand what caused the breakup. And it was long enough that even I understood what happened. And I think that love is unworthy of public discussion. When the feelings go away — no need to spoil what was,” says Matilda. The woman stressed that there were no hard feelings on her ex-husband doesn’t hold, support for it is enormous. Many friends and acquaintances from show business was there and shared their personal experiences of such situations.

“First, all explosive and negative emotions need to be contained. Months later you realize — that’s right. Second, when parting, it is important to preserve the memory of a beautiful past. It helps to get out, remembering the good that was,” — said Matilda.

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To date she plans to start a new business. It will be a service for the delivery of useful and dietary dishes. Matilda develops them together with a specialist who monitors and feeding her. Even when she was in a relationship with Shnurov, she always ran her own business and liked it very much Sergey.

Бывшая жена Шнурова впервые рассказала о расставании: "Я была обескуражена"

Matilda is difficult to spin a new novel after 12 years of living with a rock musician. The news of the marriage of Sergey Shnurov 27-year-old Olga Abramova restaurateur tries not to comment.

“I was discouraged. Don’t want to talk about it. I didn’t expect”, — briefly said Matilda.

Recall Sobchak shocked fans of the “village” makeup and puffy face.

As reported Politeka, the bride Sobchak in the arms of Odessa authority forgot about everything and jumped into the pool.

Also Politeka wrote that Ksenia Sobchak was set on fire on stage, there was a video.

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