Hillel Yaffe: three-year-old disabled girl got back on her feet

 Hillel Yaffe: 3-year-old disabled girl back on her feet

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Suha and Muhammad Aghbariya from Umm el-Fahm were very concerned when they heard repeated complaints from their three-year-old daughter Alma, who complained of pain in her legs, did not sleep for

Previously, Alma suffered from diarrhea, which later led to the development of Gillian-Barré syndrome.

“This is a neurological disease that usually develops after an infectious disease when the body's immune system attacks parts of the nervous system and can cause gradual paralysis.

Most symptoms — it is pain, progressive muscle weakness, which gets worse over time, first in the feet, and from there spreads to the ankles, until the inability to walk, — explains Dr. Adi Klein, director of pediatrics at the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center.

Parents say that for three weeks, doctors could not diagnose their child until they met with Professor Muhammad Mahagana, director of the Child Development Institute in Hillel Jaffa, who immediately referred them to a doctor in the Pediatric Emergency Department at the hospital.

Upon arrival at the medical center, Alma underwent a series of comprehensive tests and an MRI scan the day after her admission. As a result, doctors were able to make a diagnosis and correct treatment. The girl received medical attention and within a few days she began to walk again. Currently, the child is undergoing a complex of physiotherapy.

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