Hiking in the forest with the kid: Komorowski gave important tips for parents

Поход в лес с ребенком: Комаровский дал важные советы родителям

Doctor Yevhen Komarovsky explained how to prepare the child for a walk in the woods.

Especially now, in the beginning of the holidays and the approach of summer, many families like to spend time outdoors. He said this in his Instagram, reports the Chronicle.info with reference on Voice.

According to Komarovsky, a walk in the woods, mushroom picking, a picnic in a forest glade is a common entertainment during which we should not forget about security, and resulted in the corresponding “installation” bezopdet.

Dr. Komarovsky, who had earlier made recommendations to parents, as not to allow the child to get into trouble, said that in preparation for forest walks it is very important to know how to collect and what to teach the child.

First, the child’s clothing should be bright colors and clearly distinguishable in the woods, preferably with reflective elements, tight pants and high shoes or boots — optional.

Second, the child must be a whistle, fully charged mobile phone, water bottle and a chocolate bar. Also not be amiss GPS tracker, a chemical warmer, and a compass (a child must be taught to use it).

Third, in advance explain to the child his actions if he lost, that you won’t blame him that it is impossible something to eat or drink in the forest, closer to bodies of water and swamps, etc.

“Prepare yourself, practice in game form all the actions of the child”, — is told in the message.

If you walk the woods group, among adults needs to be selected, the leading and trailing, in children always be between them. Closing under any circumstances, should not retain the lagging.

The main thing — a lost child should remain in place. He should know that if the forest is calling him by the name of a stranger, that needs to be addressed. If he hears a noise, a rustle, shouts, the sounds must knock a stick on a tree, screaming or whistling.

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“Besides, it is very important to tell someone where you are going and when they should return; if someone is lost, do not waste time and get squad; pre-save in your phone memory contacts search services”, — he said.

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