High-speed Internet will appear in Antarctica

High-speed Internet will appear in Antarctica

Fiber-optic high-speed Internet may be built in Antarctica. Scientists at McMurdle station need it to accelerate the development of research, writes The Verge.

The station accepts up to 1000 scientists from October to February, arriving in Antarctica to conduct research on various topics, including changes climate and ocean.

This year, the US National Health Fund (NSF) began to study the possibility of laying fiber-optic cable across the seabed from Antarctica to New Zealand or Australia. Scientists note that the Internet on the continent is important for future exploration and daily life on the frozen part of the Earth.

“This will change the fundamental experience of life in Antarctica,” said an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota.
< br /> Today, scientists working at stations in Antarctica are forced to rely on satellite Internet to communicate with the outside world. At the same time, researchers sometimes have to store data on hard drives to physically return it home.

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