Hezbollah UAV shot down by IDF mistakenly showed a photo of operatives

The Hezbollah UAV shot down by the IDF mistakenly showed a photo of operatives

Hezbollah drone shot down by the Israeli military had a memory card containing photographs of operatives of one of the elite special forces of the Lebanese terrorist group.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the UAV shot down by the IDF on Wednesday after it entered Israeli airspace had a memory card with images of operators from the elite Radwan unit, which uses drones to gather intelligence on Israeli forces.

The images appear to have been taken by a drone by mistake. However, they showed faces and vehicles, as well as operatives operating another drone that was shot down a few months ago by the IDF.

According to ALMA Research Center, Hezbollah has there are about 2000 drones in stock. The terrorist organization received many of them from Iran. Another part is civil drones.

To be updated that in 2013 Hezbollah possessed 200 Iranian-made drones. Since then, a Shiite organization from Lebanon has increased their number in its reserve. Some of them can be used to attack strategic targets in Israel, and some – for intelligence.

Over the past year, Hezbollah sent 74 drones to Israel. In comparison, a year earlier, the terrorists sent 94 drones.

“The IDF will continue to act against any attempts by terrorists to violate Israel’s sovereignty,” “ commented on Wednesday in the IDF, shooting down one of the drones.

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