“Hevrat Kadisha” reports emergency workload

Newspaper "Israel Hayom" reports that the Ministry of Religious Affairs Funeral Service has registered 468 coronavirus victims since early January, up from 38 last December.

reports a huge load during the Omicron wave, and that funerals are continuously held. The company believes that this is just the beginning, and that a large number of infected people in the current wave should die within the next month. It is also reported that in recent days the age of the deceased has been declining and there have been cases of children being buried.

Rabbi Avraham Menola, head of the Funeral Societies Forum, says, “Our staff is on edge. We are recruiting new volunteers. During the last wave, we barely survived with such numbers, I'm afraid to even think what will happen if the number of deaths increases by 50%. I pray we don't end up in a situation like this.

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