Herman Brusselmans chases Dutch writers out of the room…

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Herman Brusselmans chases Dutch writers out of the room…

© Lieven Van Assche

During the Literary Marathon in Rotterdam last weekend, Herman Brusselmans managed to chase two Dutch writers out of the room.

It was to be a literary feast, with lectures by three hundred well-known writers and up-and-coming talents. Herman Brusselmans gave a lecture about James Bond and who should be the successor of Daniel Craig, who now plays the leading role. Why not a black, lesbian actress, who is also obese, he suggested. When the writer then used the n-word, the Dutch writers Bregje Hofstede and Alma Mathijsen angrily left the room.

“They called me a misogynistic racist. Especially the sentence My name is Bond, nigga motherfucker James Bond drove them into the curtains. The humor completely passed them by. Losers.” When Hofstede had to act, she said she would only do so if the organization would renounce Brusselmans’ statements. Why he left himself. “I had to leave anyway, because my dog ​​was home alone.” (cdh)


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