Here’s the explanation of the Larissa Chou team about the furious treatment of Alvin Faiz’s new wife

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Here’s the explanation of the Larissa Chou team about the furious treatment of Alvin Faiz’s new wife


Tim Larissa Chou finally gave an explanation of the post that had made a scene. In the next Instagram Stories, Larissa Chou’s team said that at this time Yusuf’s Instagram account was back.

“Guys, Yusuf’s account is back,” said Larissa Chou’s team in their Instagram Stories.

In that post, the team Larissa Chou He also said that he had apologized for what he had done. That’s all they do because they love Yusuf.

“But to be honest, because we only love Yusuf as much,” he explained again.

Previously in a previous post, Larissa Chou’s team said about the treatment of Alvin Faiz’s new wife, Henny Rahman, who was allegedly jealous of Larissa Chou.

“Do you want to talk about the behavior of the former boss and his new wife, how can you, guys? Because we are tired of being serious,” said Larissa Chou’s team in his Instagram Stories.

“Humans are really immature so that it has to be Yusuf who gets hit, Cici Teh is also really fed up but she keeps quiet, we are excited guys,” he said again.

In his statement, the team Larissa Chou also said that until Yusuf’s Instagram was also removed.

“Until Yusuf’s IG was removed because of jealousy, WA one of us was also blocked, more precisely the one who took care of Yusuf, because he was jealous,” he said again.

“Once forbidding our boss to go to Bandung too, guys, even though there are children. And the woman who was asked to apologize to our former boss gave permission for our former boss to go to Bandung,” he said again.

“Communication access was also cut off until WA one of us (who took care of Yusuf) was blocked because of jealousy, so we could only communicate through the woman’s WA, guys,” he said again.

Not only that, they also wrote that if you were on a video call there was sound Larissa Chou then the video call connection will be disconnected because of jealousy.

“If you’re on a video call with your child, you still hear cici’s voice, you immediately turn off the video call because you’re afraid of your new wife. It’s all right, guys, but Yusuf’s Instagram was removed, sir?” he said again.

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