Hendel: if there is no choice, there will be a military solution

Hendel: if there is no choice left, there will be a military solution

Minister of Communications Joaz Hendel called on the Israeli government to respond to violations of sovereignty.

Thus, in an interview with radio station 103FM, he commented on the shelling from Gaza.

“To this day, the State of Israel has not decided what it wants in Gaza. The most important thing is & mdash; we must respond to any violation of our sovereignty, and the response must be such that it does not undermine our deterrence “, & mdash; he stressed.

According to the minister, for many years the Jewish State has contained many attacks from Hamas.

“Ultimately, we will have to make a decision. First of all, we make decisions at the political level, and then, if calm is not restored, there will be a military solution. If this continues, there will be no choice '', & ndash; Hendel emphasized.

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