Hellish weekend: Who entered the room to the naked Maya Buskila

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 Infernal weekend: Who entered the room with naked Maya Buskila< /p>

44-year-old singer Maya Buskila and her new lover, 26-year-old Shauli, went to spend an intimate weekend in a luxury hotel in the north of the country “Beit Ba Galil” from the Herbert Samuel hotel chain. According to the singer, it was one of the most disappointing and unpleasant vacations she has experienced.

Buskila revealed on social media how frustrated she was with the hotel after a number of incidents, including hostile staff and no music in the room during the couple's massage because the speaker “burned out”. In addition, air conditioning was not turned on in the room on Saturday, October 22. Buskila also stated that the superior room they received had a pool – but it ended up with cold water, even though she was promised a heated pool. The pool had no lights for swimming in the evening and no maintenance staff working in the evenings to fix the lights and adjust the water temperature.

But all this was just a prelude to the biggest shock: upon arrival, the singer and her partner asked for breakfast in the room, but when they woke up in the morning naked in their bed, they found to their amazement that someone from the hotel staff had entered their room, while they slept naked, and left them breakfast in the room. “We were naked, they could have photographed us, it's criminal.”

Moreover, when the singer was trying to recover from the ordeal, she went out with a bra and panties to the private pool in their room and to I was surprised to see a stranger, a man from the hotel staff, who came to heat the temperature of the water in the pool and entered their private area without their knowledge. According to Buskila, the hotel management refused to pay compensation to the singer, as she had already been upgraded to a room with a pool.

Beit Ba Galil Hotel responded to Buskila's complaints: “The hotel management apologizes to the guest, studies this case and learns lessons.”

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