Hellish videos — that’s what they do devouring fires in California

This video will finally make you forever forget about the item on the blazing fire of not one stuffed nauseam preslava about three things you can watch endlessly.

Пекельне відео — ось що творять всепожирающие лісові пожежі в Каліфорнії

Anxiety, fear and the desire to hide in the cellar rarely leaving us, but now they are particularly acute due to news from American California, reports Rus.Media. There is now, to put it mildly, hard times: forest fires, periodically shake this long-suffering state, this time has lost all shame and conscience, and swallow, without chewing, all the new once-green areas.

The fire element specifies the heat four districts in the South of the state, and the area of scorched earth is approaching 50 thousand hectares Declared the evacuation of 200 thousand people, and in Los Angeles mounted the highest in history County’s level of hazard. It looks quite apocalyptic and infinitely frightening.

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