Heidi Klum was pregnant from a young musician: “betrayed the secret”

Хайди Клум забеременела от молодого музыканта: "выдал тайну"

Supermodel Heidi Klum is expecting their fifth child in 45 years

About this event in the life of a celebrity and her lover, it became known casually. Juicy news was broadcasted by German TV channel RTL.

Secret Heidi Klum gave her designer. The famous fashion designer Wolfgang JOP gave journalists an interview in which accidentally let slip about the pregnancy of his friend model. Father must be a popular rocker who is younger than Heidi Klum for 16 years.

Хайди Клум забеременела от молодого музыканта: "выдал тайну"

In March 2018, it became known about a passionate romance between a supermodel and a 29-year-old musician Tom Kaulitz. He became famous as the guitarist of German pop rock band “Tokio Hotel”. Paparazzi repeatedly caught the couple together. One celebrity even took a remote Villa in Mexico. While Heidi Klum went Topless in front of her lover.

In may, Klum and Kaulitz for the first time confirmed their relationship by visiting the gala reception of amfAR Cannes Gala. And in the summer they began to live together. And last December, the model announced their engagement. She has published on his page in social network Instagram photo with a musician, by signing it “I said “Yes!”. It is noted that the ring, the musician did with his hands.

While the celebrity couple has not confirmed the imminent completion has not yet formed a family. However, Heidi Klum already have a wealth of parental experience. She gave birth to an illegitimate daughter Leni, who is now 14. And then married singer and musician, a Force which adopted a girl and became the father of three children: Henry, Johan and Lou.

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In General Heidi Klum was married twice. Marriage with Tom Kaulitz will be the third attempt to build their happiness. And Tom Kaulitz in 2015 married model RIA Sommerfeld. However, the marriage was very short-lived and broke up in six months.

Хайди Клум забеременела от молодого музыканта: "выдал тайну"

It is hoped that a relationship with Heidi Klum will be longer. So the model itself has shared his emotions in a broadcast television show Ellen DeGeneres. The supermodel told then that finally happy and has forgotten about his two failed marriages. Also she admitted she believes in love and that will be able to build a happy and strong family.

“I still believe in love and marriage, although I have twice failed. I think that I’m not very good at it. But I met a wonderful man, see what happens,” said Heidi Klum and said that he had met “his man.”

We will remind, the beautiful Heidi Klum collapsed on stage in a magnificent dress.

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