Heidi Klum shared the racy video

44-year-old model proved that time has no power over it, put some videos in his microblog. One of them, Heidi Klum “falls” back into the waves of the sea in a tiny black bikini. And her clothing, which is almost hides nothing, gives you the opportunity to ensure that the figure of Heidi is still flawless.

And the second video has pleased fans of Klum’s even more: it captures the model as she dances in the shower — of course, naked. However, the boundaries of decency Heidi still did not pass because we can watch her dance only through the misted glass of the shower stall. However, the contours of her slender body visible quite clearly. And at some point, Klum painted on the wall of the cubicle “heart” that some of the fans of the model was perceived as an allusion to the fact that Heidi is in love again.

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At the moment the only candidate for the place of her new lover is a 32-year-old racing driver Louis Hamilton. With him she was caught recently at an event organized by edition of Harper’s Bazar. At this party, Heidi did not depart from Louis and vengeance was flirting with him. However, it is unlikely we are talking about a serious romance. It is only in September she broke up with her former boyfriend — 31-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel, who she dated for about three years. According to rumors, Vito several times allowed myself an affair “on the side” and after another of them, Heidi Vito pointed at the door. And then commented on his breakup with Schnabel. “I think now it’s time for me to take a pause and ponder – how to live!” — said Klum.

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