Hearn spoke about the battle of the Wilder – fury: going to stink for the whole ring

Хирн высказался о бое Уайлдер - Фьюри: Будет вонять на весь ринг

The battle between the DevTeam Wilder and Tyson fury on December 1

World champion in superheavy weight under version WBC Deontay Wilder will enter the ring against former champion Tyson fury.

British promoter Eddie Hearn has shared his expectations of the match. According to him, one should not expect a spectacular confrontation. Hearn believes that Wilder will be able to send fury in the knockout:

Хирн высказался о бое Уайлдер - Фьюри: Будет вонять на весь ринг

“I think that battle fury and Wilder would be disgusting. Fury will stink for the whole ring! Maybe he’ll win the first rounds, but in the future Wilder will knock him out. I have nothing against fury. I respect him for what he has achieved. The guy had serious problems, but it has completely changed my life. It deserves respect. But he is not in the best form, he’s not ready to fight, and Wilder very great shot”.

Хирн высказался о бое Уайлдер - Фьюри: Будет вонять на весь ринг

Mogilev again was stout and struck grubby appearance: photo
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Recall, the coach of the Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr gvozdik legendary Teddy Atlas shared his opinion on the upcoming match.

“Fury has been inactive, retired and came back. We have little to worry about it. He lost his physical form, was away from Boxing, but he’s not a hundred. It should not play too big role, but a little will play. He will fight against the biggest puncher in Boxing. Fury is not as close to the top guy in terms of technique.

Boxing is still a technique. He does many things wrong. He has more flaws than Wilder, but he has reach, size and dynamite in his right hand. Fury has one thing. He has a style for large guys. Wilder will fight an opponent larger than themselves, who fights as a lightweight. Fury — high Behemoth, but he tries to box like Pernell Whitaker: he moves around, uses his feet. Klitschko has already realized that this is a complex style. I say it again: “This is a difficult style,” which is difficult to control.

Хирн высказался о бое Уайлдер - Фьюри: Будет вонять на весь ринг

Additionally, the world champion in superheavy weight under version WBA Super, WBO, IBF and IBO Anthony Joshua (21-0-0, 20 KO) said he was ready to fight with the WBC champion DevTeam Wilder (40-0, 39 KO’s) and former world champion Tyson fury (26-0, 19 KO’s), regardless of the outcome of their next fights.

“Suppose that in my fight against Povetkin the worst happens. They will still want to fight me, because we are all star Boxing. The fight will take place regardless of who wins. If Wilder loses to fury, I still will later meet with Wilder. The same can be said about fury. In Boxing, inevitably, someone wins, someone loses, but the boxer with a strong punch, a boxer with an interesting style, boxer gab will always cause interest of the public, and the audience will demand its fights” – the words of Joshua Allboxing.

We will remind, fury suddenly improved its position in the ranking of the WBC.

As reported Politeka, Tyson fury, said: I can fight even Wilder for free.

Also Politeka wrote that fury had decided on the harsh action in order to win over Wilder.


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